ICE and CBP not even responding to calls for help from border states: Illegals dumped beside freeways

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5 thoughts on “ICE and CBP not even responding to calls for help from border states: Illegals dumped beside freeways”

  1. In WW II, all prior wars really, conflict ensued between nation states with competing national identities and interests. Both sides fought for survival for their identity, interests, families, homes, way of life. “We like what we have. We built it. We believe in it. We own it. You can’t have it.”

    This time is different. Our government didn’t just surrender without a fight. They willingly joined the cause of the enemy and gave them everything: “Here, take it, take it all. We don’t care”.

  2. It’s over, folks. Focus on defending and providing for yourself and your family. Buy some chickens and seeds. Buy guns and plenty of ammo (while you can). Most importantly, pray for God to bring peace and if not peace, pray that he helps us survived.

    Because the USA is now over. It’s a 3rd-world fascist dictatorship , as designed by Obama, to make us pay for the crime of being successful and Judeo-Christian (at least ostensibly on a personal level).

    Anyone notice how things really accelerated downhill after Bergolio arrived?

  3. Thank you for this post.

    Sent it along to Jeffrey Prather, the gentleman who blew the whistle on “Fast and Furious” and was then targeted by the “deep state” and was engaged in a 7 year legal defense battle.

    For some his conclusions are startling…(Ann B has pegged a number of them): The Republic is dead, the rule of law is dead, under the new Obama/biden/harris regime the dark economy is roaring back (drugs, weapons and child/sex trafficking) and we are engaged in Fifth generational warfare where the terrain is essentially human and the weapons are informational / psychological operations.

    He has earned his stripes.

    Jeff offers some “potent commentary” on his website.

    He is ruthlessly truthful: very refreshing.

    I enjoy his videos’ concluding remarks: especially his admonition/exhortation to “get your head in the fight” and “lean in.”

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