Franciscan Daniel Horan’s amazing track record of being 100% wrong on everything is still intact

…and he is loving the trans fake science, at the moment. My comments in red, and emphasis mine. I’m only including here the part where he explains how uncatholic YOU are. He has much, much more to say at the link at the end.

While it’s easy to poke fun at him, the reality is that lives and souls are at stake. Pointing out evil and stating the truth are acts of fraternal charity. Fully “transitioned” people who have had the complete mutilations and drug therapies… everything they thought they wanted… still have suicide rates 20x the general population. Second link at the end explains why.

Why the church should fight anti-transgender legislation

by Daniel P. Horan

…the Human Rights Campaign says, “These bills (protecting girls and women from trannies, on the field and in the locker room) are not addressing any real problem, and they’re not being requested by constituents. Rather, this effort is being driven by national far-right organizations attempting to score political points by sowing fear and hate.” (note: Truth is fear and hate)

The right-wing political interest in centering discriminatory legislation like what is currently proposed in at least 28 states, is fairly self-evident. In the wake of the 2020 elections (which Trump won in a landslide), the Republican Party realized that it has little or nothing to offer that appeals to the majority of the population — including much of its electoral base — in terms of fiscal or political policy. Returning to its playbook of cultural warfare distractions (think of the racism of the “war on drugs” of the 1980s and ’90s, the homophobia of the anti-gay-marriage legislation during the 2004 presidential campaign, or the anti-intellectualism and science skepticism of climate denialism, among others), the GOP has to select a new scapegoat, and the party’s leaders and special interest groups have chosen some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Decades of gerrymandering have resulted in this evitable race to the ethical bottom. With certain congressional districts statistically a sure win for the Republican Party, the only serious threat to the reelection of many politicians is a primary challenge from the radicalized extreme right. What has resulted is the formation of an echo chamber that perpetuates the vilest talking points and conspiracy theories, which are then adopted by otherwise mainstream politicians out of a perceived sense of necessity to compete with their challengers.

As a result, the absurd becomes normalized (Wait. He got one right!), conspiracy becomes truth, and victims become enemies in this vicious circle of evil.

The flurry of gratuitous and dangerous legislative proposals, buoyed by increasing hate speech and transphobic attitudes, is a distraction from real problems like the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, systemic racism, rising income inequality and global climate change, to name a few.

While I can understand such a desperate political ploy, as insidious as it is, what I have a harder time reckoning with is the persistence of transphobia and hatred perpetrated by self-identified Christians, especially by those in ministerial leadership.

Go read it all, hater:

Why transgenderism doesn’t work (non-religious explanation and data):

5 thoughts on “Franciscan Daniel Horan’s amazing track record of being 100% wrong on everything is still intact”

  1. I called my sister today for her birthday, and she promptly announced she was changing her name and her gender, not that the latter is actually possible. She immediately shot out “So you can’t call me Aunt Debbie!” (I have two little girls, and I was calling her that to them.)

    This has been a long time coming, so I’m not surprised. But I just told her that she knows where I stand on that, and that she will always be Debbie to me.

    Hey, not the first time she’s called me a hateful bigot. Certainly won’t be the last.

    1. Oh Samantha, I’m so sorry. I feel your pain. I have a brother who thinks he’s a woman. But only some of the time. He has a woman’s name and a man’s name. He says he’s gender fluid, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Absolute insanity.

  2. Even a few years ago, transgenderism was extremely rare. I am old enough to remember when a man in a Scandinavian country “became a woman” (Christine Jorgensen I think was “her” name) and it was international news, and then some years later a male tennis player “became a woman” (Rene Richards). Those were viewed as just bizarre by pretty much everyone. So where is all this coming from? I recently read that there may be female hormones getting into the water supply (and how crazy is that? Dr. Strangelove crazy?) due to women taking birth control pills and female hormones being excreted that cannot be removed through normal water purification systems. Is that too crazy? Maybe. Or maybe do evil and it causes harm never even anticipated (or maybe it was anticipated, and that was part of its purpose).

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