UPDATE: Philly Carmelites’ departure confirmed by three priestly sources… so when will kneeling be banned?

Said sources wish to remain anonymous, but I can say they are diocesan secular, not FSSP.

Original story: https://nonvenipacem.com/2021/04/12/breaking-ocd-carmelites-of-philadelphia-abandon-their-cloister-flee-to-nebraska-for-unknown-reasons/

Father Z. picked this up yesterday and posted it, many thanks to him for that. Also to Frank Walker at canon212.com and several other aggregators who picked it up.

Earlier today, Fr. Z. posted an update:

So there you go. New archbishop, new rules, Traditional nuns no longer welcome in the archdiocese. I just asked the communications director for a statement for the second time. I wonder what their standards are for diversity and inclusion, you know?

Because guess who is totally welcomed in the archdiocese?

And the FSSP better watch out, because you can’t have the TLM without a lot of kneeling. The archbishop HATES kneeling.

I only know one thing about new Philly Archbishop Nelson Jesus Perez

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He banned kneeling at Mass in the Diocese of Cleveland last year. HERE

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6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Philly Carmelites’ departure confirmed by three priestly sources… so when will kneeling be banned?”

  1. Dear Mark,


    I grew up in Philly in the neighborhood adjacent to the neighborhood of this Carmel, and was a frequent visitor there for Masses, prayer visits, and their often-packed annual Novena to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel through the 90s and early 00s. It was still the previous set of nuns and everything was Novus Ordo (very reverent).

    I can only describe the place as “an oven of grace!” It was palpable coming in from the street into the extern section. Having had the privilege of entering the cloister for the funeral of Sister Alice and for the Golden Jubilee of Sister Rose (who still had a joyful, girlish air about her!), the contrast was just as intense as entering the extern area from the street!!

    Having lived in Ohio since the mid-00s, I still kept an eye out on the place, and was heartened to find out that things had gone Traditional there. (I go to daily Mass at a full-time Trad parish out here.)

    Traditional Latin Masses bring great graces down to their environs, and, combined with a powerhouse of prayer that a true Carmel is, the good effects, I’d say, can stave off disaster.

    Given that Philly has degenerated from a city of beautiful, varied, many Catholic, ethnic neighborhoods of my childhood in the late 60s to early 70s to the wreck it is now, including its Godless suburbs, I can’t help wondering if Our Lord, like St. John Eudes wrote, isn’t punishing the area with a bad Archbishop, and, as further punishment through the deprivation of the graces of their intercessory prayers, has whisked these good nuns out of harm’s way prior to inflicting some serious chastisement on an area unappreciative of the manifold graces it had been receiving! I think of Our Lord weeping over Jerusalem…

    God save the poor souls in the Philly metro!


    1. This leaves me speechless!!!! Your letter hits all the right keys in an otherwise tone deaf diocese headed by the smiling Abp Nelson Perez. This exit of Carmelites does not bode well for us. Has Abp Nelson Perez been enchanted by fairy juice? I knew Abp Perez when he was the pastor of St Agnes in W. Chester. He struck me as being a man who did not like to create ripples lest they become tsunamis. I also note that he has invited the heretical and gay guy advocate of the LGetcetcetec coalition, Fr James Martin, S.J. to give an address at the Journey of Hope Conference next week… What does that say?.

  2. Mark:

    When is too much going to be too much? When are we going to get off our butts & put these libs out for good?


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    1. “Only supernatural intervention can now save us, and such supernatural intervention demands a Nineveh-like response. And this requires that we all acknowledge that “We have sinned”. It is not sufficient that we spend our time pointing the finger at others, or exposing particular evil agendas either in the Church or the world….

      It is the central “vision” of the Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church that the crisis which we now face in the Church is a chastisement from God, and that therefore its solution lies not primarily on focusing our attention and prayers upon the sins of others, but upon each one of us, our adulteries to the world, and our own personal and collective need for interior purification.

      We further believe that this invasion of the world into our minds and hearts has reached such a depth and pervasiveness as to be solvable only through Divine intervention, and this especially through Our Lady and Her Rosary.”

      James Larson, the author of these writings, died on Monday July 6th, 2020


  3. One of my followers alerted me to this situation. Did anyone ever consider the constitutional conflict between the existing Philadelphia community and the new arrivals in 2017? Because as I write this, the Discalced Carmelite General Curia indicates that the Philadelphia Carmel observes the Constitutions of 1991, but the Carmels of Valparaiso and Elysburg observe the Constitutions of 1990. If that conflict remained unresolved or a change in the Constitutions was prevented, then the ‘newcomers’ would certainly have chosen to return to a community where they might continue to observe the 1990 Constitutions.

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