4 thoughts on “!SCIENCE! in charts and words”

  1. I’ve noticed that the censors and media are subtly moving away from using health ‘experts’ to health ‘officials’ and health ‘leaders.’ The latter two not necessarily being the former, but upon whose command even the experts are censored.

    What I guarantee you is that nobody voted for any of these, but the people you did vote for bark like a dog upon their orders.

    That’s the reality of ‘secular democracy’ for you. They overthrew the Church and the Catholic monarchies for this. What an improvement, amirite?!

    1. Great insight. And now we have google saying that “Bill Gates is the most powerful doctor in America”.
      Simply can’t make this level of deceit and crap up….really, we are getting waaaaay beyond big brother now, and so very many of the sheep are going happily along with it. None of this can end well.

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