5 thoughts on “Branch Covidian Logic”

  1. Make sure you get vaccinated, even though the vaccine may not protect you from getting sick and may not protect anyone else. My son doesn’t practice his Faith anymore, and shenanigans like this surely won’t cause him to lose his cynicism. He’s just not the kind of stupid sheep that much of the Church would prefer.

  2. Maybe this is God’s plan to bring about a widespread apostasy from the faith of “Science.” It’s staggering to think of the number of souls “Science” has captured. People BELIEVE and have a childlike faith in it. They trust the priests (scientists) unequivocally. The true believers aren’t thinking, they’re irrationally BELIEVING in a false god. That’s why none of it makes any sense to a truly grounded Christian.

  3. The Lord works in mysterious ways and this may be His way to eliminate the Novus Ordo. The bishops and priests are effectively scattering the sheep of their flocks. We must pray that these lost sheep find their way to the true Faith and Church, and that their souls may be saved. We also need to pray for the shepherds, as they will have a high price to pay for their actions.

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