9 thoughts on “Shut up, conspiracy theorist superspreader”

    1. Not yet. But it’s the beginning. MIT along with the (wait for it) Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has created a die implanted under your skin that can be read under a certain light / scanner . It’s called Luciferase, seriously, and will contain all your health information. And probably social credit scores and financials. You’ll probably have to bank with it.

      It seems a bit too obvious, “Luciferase” but here’s the thing. Evil loves to announce itself and gets its highest thrill from knowing that you know it’s evil but cannot do anything about it.

      Hitler took power because he had the will (audacity) to do it. Obama did the same thing. Covid was the pretense, the Great Reset is the result.

      And we will be pariahs or worse killed if we do not submit.

      Ps. Covid was also the pretense for the real killer, the vaccine. Mass sterilization, getting rid of the week, and controlling the masses.

  1. I’m not sure we can hold off a totalitarian, Marxist culture when so many of our nation, looks like about half, are gleefully chasing the Commie train to get on board, and have turned into good little Marxist toadies.
    Keep praying, only God has an answer for this.

  2. Ahhh. It is fast apparent now. The card can be replicated easily. The card idea by itself is already a failure. This brings about a soon to appear and new means to identify persons …. here comes the IMPLANT. On the hand or head. Easily scanned. Without which no one can buy nor sell nor travel etc.

  3. The card is too easy to fake. Anyone remember the wristband sort of thing with a lot of microneedles that inject a substance into your wrist with, among other things, a chemical called Luciferase, when it is pressed onto your wrist? And it — a mark — can be read when a light is passed over it. It was developed at MIT I think. That or something like it will be required — you really can’t fake that.

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