Arizona Gov. Ducey lifts restrictions, makes local mask ordinances illegal

You should see the journalisps completely freaking out. It’s quite a sight.

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey has further lifted some coronavirus restrictions around our state as more people get vaccinated and case numbers continue to trend downward.

On Thursday, Gov. Ducey announced that due to reaching health benchmarks:

  • Events of more than 50 people will no longer need approval of local governments. Events should follow safe practices and CDC recommendations.
  • Business guidances will transition from requirements to recommendations.
  • Restaurants can resume “normal operations.”
  • Local mask mandates will be phased out.

See the executive order here.

3 thoughts on “Arizona Gov. Ducey lifts restrictions, makes local mask ordinances illegal”

  1. This is good news. Although I’ve never worn a mask except at the doctor’s office where they make you wear one or they won’t treat you.
    No one has ever told me to put one on when I’m in a store. I think maybe they’re afraid if they say anything to me about masks I’ll turn around and tell them to get lost. They don’t want the confrontation.

  2. Mark, thank you for keeping us up to date on Arizona news. You’re my go to guy for all things Arizona. You’re one of the few I trust. 😊

  3. I am unimpressed.

    “Due to reaching health benchmarks, we pronounce the following restrictions are relaxed.”

    It should say, instead: “We acknowledge our faults in imposing illegal, immoral draconian lockdown orders on the citizens of Arizona because of a perceived health crisis. We now know there is no reason ever to lockdown and restrict the freedom of movement, commerce and the religious freedoms of healthy citizens in response to a health emergency or crisis. Our liberty and our economic activity is the lifeblood of who we are as American citizens and we will never make the mistake of mass restrictions against innocent and healthy Arizona citizens again. Power is to be shared among Branches of government and any future crisis we face, we will face together in government, no longer under my Office’s claimed sole emergency dictatorial power. NEVER AGAIN!”

    The logic of the AZ Governor’s pronouncement ensures Arizonans will suffer the same fate, whenever the numbers change for the worse. Freedom is not guaranteed. Freedom in the CCP inspired Covid age is at the discretion of medical bureaucrats and usurping Governors like Ducey.

    Nice to have freedom again, obviously. The threat remains. Covid “20” waits in the wings for the population gene Therapy “vaccinations” to be complete. He will be back.

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