All adults in AZ now eligible for deathvaxx because the prioritized groups said no thanks

“They expected demand to be higher.” If it weren’t for those darn bloggers!

PR blitz starts today.

Those in the over-65 demographic were the most compliant, though they only got 70%. All other age groups are lower than 50%. We shall see what happens in the next few weeks.

12 thoughts on “All adults in AZ now eligible for deathvaxx because the prioritized groups said no thanks”

  1. Wow, according to the mainstream media news EVREEEBODY is enthusiastically signing up for the blessed vaccine. Lines everywhere are so long and those who can’t get jabbed right away are SOOOO disappointed. The only people not on board are a tiny fraction of a percent of the population: deplorables who cling to guns and religion and of course are RAAAACIST!!!

  2. I called my doctor today to make an appointment. The first question I was asked was “have you had both vaccinations?” I said I haven’t had any vaccinations and don’t want any. That stopped that conversation dead in its tracks.
    I’m 65 and non compliant.

    1. Mary, did they refuse to make an appointment unless you have plans to get the jabs? Please say no.

  3. They will now crash the economy intentionally. If you agree to the vaccine schedule, you will be able to pay for food and utilities using the new digital currency, which I am sure is ready to go.

  4. People are having both vaccinations and testing positive for Covid. It happens. Yes, there may not be many detected yet, because who is getting tested? The jabs make you asymptomatic, so yes, you may not get deathly ill, good, but you also don’t realize you are Covid positive. And then you are around others, giving people a hug, talking into their face, and you don’t know you have Covid and neither do they. So the people who get vaccinated become “superspreaders”. It is not about “herd immunity”, because you can’t get herd immunity this way. It only makes asymptomatic people. They may know this, and it’s why they are going gung ho about “all” must be vaccinated.

    1. and just give it 6 mos–2 yrs…..that’s when the real ‘fun’ begins: damaged immune systems, ADE reactions, autoimmune disorders, organ damage, infertility, and about 20 other things. Yep….it’ll be……..interesting.

  5. From what I have read, the shot does not grant immunity to the recipient nor does it prevent transmission to others. The jab only lessons symptoms for the person should they become infected. Based on what I have heard/read, herd immunity based on this immunization is an impossibility.

    1. Israel is the world’s big guinea pig right ow….since their mass vax campaign (which has been HUGE), the numbers of cases and deaths have skyrocketed. I wonder how long it’ll take the Israelis to wise up?…they’re not a stupid people; but it’ll be mighty hard for the govt that’s pushing this toxin so hard, to ever admit they were wrong. LOTS of negative consequences for them on the other side of that announcement.

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