Half of Republican men won’t take the death vaxx; snowflake meltdown in 3-2-1

^^^Click on this tweet and read the comment thread, if you want to get some idea who bad this is going to get, fast. They want you dead. Seriously.

Fauci warns of another COVID-19 surge, urges Trump to tell supporters to be vaccinated


The nation’s top infectious disease expert (sic) warned Sunday that a new wave of COVID-19 infections could be on the way while urging former President Trump to tell his supporters to be vaccinated.

Speaking with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” Anthony Fauci pointed to surges across the European Union and warned that Europe’s case trends tend to be a few weeks ahead of similar trends in the U.S.

Europe “always seem to be a few weeks ahead of us,” Fauci said, adding that it was “absolutely no time to declare victory” over the virus.

“They thought they were home free, and they weren’t, and now they are seeing cases going up,” he said of European health officials.

Asked by Wallace what could be done to combat vaccine skepticism in the U.S., particularly among Republicans, Fauci urged Trump to tell his supporters to get vaccinated.

“It would be very helpful for the effort for that to happen. I’m very surprised by the number of Republicans who say they won’t get vaccinated,” he said.

“I think it would make all the difference in the world” if Trump were to express support for vaccines, Fauci said. “He’s a widely popular person among Republicans.”

“I just don’t get it, Chris, why they don’t want to get vaccinated,” he added.

During a separate appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Fauci said it’s “disturbing” that Trump voters are choosing to not get vaccinated.

“We’ve got to dissociate political persuasion from commonsense, no-brainer public health things,” he said.

“[Vaccines have] rescued us from smallpox, from polio, from measles,” he added. “What is the problem here?”

His remarks come just days after a PBS poll found that nearly half of all Republican-aligned men said they would not get the COVID-19 vaccine, a result that has vexed health officials around the country seeking to drive down case rates.

More than 101 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in the U.S. so far, and in a national address last week, President Biden pledged that all American adults would be eligible to receive the vaccine by May 1.


11 thoughts on “Half of Republican men won’t take the death vaxx; snowflake meltdown in 3-2-1”

  1. Well then I have a question for Dr. Fauci and others in the government.
    Why is our southern border thrown open and migrants allowed in who demonstrably have Covid in high numbers? What is the thinking on why, given Covid numbers decreasing across the US, we would then allow in so many people with Covid?? Why are Democrats endorsing this?

  2. It’s “common sense” to get injected with an aborted fetus based concoction that kills you or makes you sicker than the virus it purports to immunize, a virus that is 99.95 percent survivable?

    We are in deepest hell. All that’s left is overt militancy, which will happen very soon.

    Biden talked about July 4. My guess is by then we will be in a nationwide federal lockdown and vaccine conscription.

    This will never end. Unless we end it.

  3. it is common sense to take a solution made with dead babies that kills you/makes you sicker than the 99.9% survivable and HCQ/Ivermectin curable disease it purports to immunize?

    Folks, we are in hell. All that’s left is that military to force us into lockdowns and vaccinations. Trump is part of this too, he’s the one that wanted the vaccine and employed the military to “distribute” it.

    By July 4, which is the date Biden mentioned in his presser, we will be completely under the government’s thumb.

    Since Satan is in charge, I highly suspect July 4 will be our new dependence day.

  4. ‘…..compared to 6% of Democrat men…” That’s simply not true, because “Democrat men” is an oxymoron.

  5. One of the unintended good consequences of this CovidScam is knocking scientists off their Oracle Pedestal. We have lost our way when we look to the white coats as religious dispensers of gnostic knowledge, prophecies and hidden insights. They got and get almost everything wrong. Why are we still listening to these people who are nothing more than technicians and, generally speaking, not very good ones. Fauci is at the top of their pecking order and the man is a living, breathing fountain of error and malpractice. His is so egregious and willful he should be tried one day for crimes against humanity.

    For instance: labeling these products “vaccines”. They are not vaccines. They are experimental Gene Therapy.

    Vaccine: a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease.

    Gene Therapy: Modifies or manipulate the expression of a gene or to alter the biological properties of living cells for therapeutic use. (FDA) “An experimental technique for treating disease by altering the patient’s genetic material”. (Human Genome Indtitute)

    They tell us we are getting just another vaccine. We are actually having our DNA altered. As far as I’m concerned that misinformation is criminal. No one really knows this. Trust the Oracle on the Pedestal, who throws some feathers and a bird claw in a pot of blood, stirs, peers in and tells us what we must do.

    Vaccines train your body to fight the virus using the virus itself.
    Gene Therapy is granting a scientist access to your God Given DNA for alteration, modification.
    They don’t tell you that Gene Therapy does not lead to immunity. Ever.
    And they don’t tell you the statistics that Gene Therapy is causing great injury and loss of life. https://www.openvaers.com/covid-data

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