Catholic pastor demands forced vaccinations as a condition for receiving the sacraments

UPDATE 1244 MST (scroll to bottom)

Folks, this is as real as it gets. Take the death vaxx or no church for you. If you don’t live within reasonable proximity to one of the Traditionalist orders, you need to seriously consider relocating your domicile, while you still have freedom of movement across state lines.

Update: Father Mike has received feedback, and not all of it has been positive.

12 thoughts on “Catholic pastor demands forced vaccinations as a condition for receiving the sacraments”

  1. Oh my. I’m in Michigan, and thanks be to God only 15 miles from St. Joseph’s Shrine run by the ICKSP. Really wanted to make a pilgrimage to Cross in the Woods…but now? Not so much.

    St. Michael, pray for “Fr. Mike”.

  2. Lets see…my parish only has us (often packed) into every other pew. No mask mandate. We have holy water and missals but we do NOT have any sickness and have not had any all year. I know of some TLM parishes with NO restrictions whatsoever and have all sorts of gatherings and no sickness, no outbreaks. The death vaxx with unknown long term effects needs to be avoided! But there will be a cost to do so. I know older people are being heavily pressured to get the thing. And the criminals in charge want it for teens and children–why? When it is almost 100% survivable for them…could it be to make many of them sterile as has happened with ‘vaccines’ from the ‘gates from hell’ before????

  3. Fr Mike has no Faith in GOD and the BLESSED SACRAMENT !
    I have also attended Mass regularly since last May. Church open daily ! No restrictions! No Covid transmission!
    GLORY be to GOD !

  4. Dear “Fr.” Mike,
    The lack of zeal to save souls from the highest officials of the Catholic Church including those in the Vatican and American bishops comes as no shock to those who are paying attention. What was not expected was your seemingly lack of Church history in the knowledge of SAINTS who did exactly the opposite of what you are proposing. Your vocation, so I thought, was to be used to save SOULS…..if you would rather save lives, become a doctor.

    Be assured of my prayers for you. Prayers that God give you back your cojones you seemed to have misplaced.

    Debbie, in Michigan

  5. What a tangle of misinformation! We are told that even after vaccination we still have to wear masks and keep our distance. So what is the difference? And can the good Father think of no other reason why people aren’t coming back to church? Could it be that for many it was not much more than a cultural habit and now that our bishops have told us it is not essential and we can just watch on TV, if even that, they have slide down the slope and aren’t going to climb back up? Never mind the moral depravity of trying to force people to partake in a dangerous medical experiment.

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