New CDC behavioral guidelines for the fully “vaccinated” are a giant tell

A “tell” is when a con artist or cheat inadvertently exposes the con with a subtle slip.

The CDC issued new guidance yesterday for the millions of people who are now, supposedly, “fully vaccinated” against corona. I was eager to review the expert recommendations, which had been delayed several days as CDC and the White House went back on forth, agonizing over the wording. Included therein is a section that talks about which safety precautions these human lab rats need to continue to take on a daily basis. But before we get to that, I have a few basic immunology questions.

What does it mean to be “fully vaccinated” against a pathogen? It means you have been inoculated, your body has responded by building antibodies, and you are now immunized, right? Immunized, as in, immune. Right?

Immune means you can’t get it. Immune means you can’t spread what you don’t have.

No one can be a danger to one who is immune, and one who is immune cannot be a danger to anyone else.



Can a doctor or nurse please explain this in the combox? Why is the immunized population a threat to others? How can the immunized still get the disease? Is there such a thing as a lifelong carrier who can spread forever?

If I were cynical, I’d say the “science” behind this will be used to browbeat, cancel, harass, terminate, and possibly prosecute the resistance. What say you?

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  1. I’m not a doctor or nurse, but my understanding is the person who has had the jab can still get Covid19, they just won’t get it as severely, so they say. I think a lot of people are under the impression they will not get Covid, but that may not be the case. Honestly, I don’t think anyone really knows, we’re the trials, so how could they know.

  2. I haven’t had flu shots in years. I can’t imagine allowing someone to inject some substance into my body, especially now that we’re in the realm of DNA 🧬 mods.

    Nah. Not for me.

    I actually don’t “trust the science”.

  3. Previous vaccines you get dead virus and your body builds antibodies. You get several in order to have a certain level of antibodies. With time, you need a booster shot to maintain.

    This illness and vaccine has been politicized to the point that all previous protocols no longer apply. If you get COVID, you are not immune. If you get vaccine, you are not immune. It’s crazy.

    The problem is the virus ability to mutate. It makes it impossible to create a vaccine. People get the flu shot and >40k people die of the flu annually, except last year. Even though flu vaccines have been around for decades.

    I wished preventative measures would have been promoted. I understand that for some people it would be difficult but I believe that it would have made more people feel secure or safe.

    1. Preventative measures – good old grandma common sense, you mean? I agree.

      Over the years of my life I’ve had plenty of live viruses and have built up pretty good immunity, the old fashioned way. I haven’t been sick in almost three years, nothing.

      My experience with Doctors, over many years, is that they are in the business of selling stuff, very expensive stuff – medical procedures and pharmaceuticals. I don’t need almost everything they have to sell. The Covid scam vaccine is classic: Bill Gates, software king, is making the biggest coin of his life selling gene therapy to a captive world that requires his updates and patches forever … that is, if you want your machine (your body in this case) not to crash. What a monster.

      Science, in this case medicine, like most modern institutions, is fallen.

  4. FDA website regarding Moderna (
    “The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine is an unapproved vaccine that may prevent COVID-19. There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.”

    They are telling us straight up, it is UNAPPROVED. And that “The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine has not undergone the same type of review as an FDA- approved or cleared product.”

  5. Anyone hear if ivermectin has been used on the poor fools who’ve gotten vaxxed? My heart is breaking for the ignorant, trusting fools. I’ve got 700 doses, but if it helps the vaxxers, thinking I better get a sh!t ton more….way too many idiots here in Michigan.

  6. Vaccines have been a scam from the beginning. They cause more harm than good and are more of a money-maker for big pharma than anything. Pamela Acker, a former vaccine researcher at the Catholic University of DC, who left her position after realizing how detrimental vaccines were, has written a telling book about vaccines called Vaccination, A Catholic Perspective. It is available from the Kolbe Center website. Truly eye opening.

    1. I respect people’s decisions to vaccinate or not, but please do not peddle total anti-vax nonsense.
      As noted above, the COVID “vaccine” is actually gene therapy.

      Generations who grew up with widespread access to vaccines (and we are now into the third generation) have no idea what life was like before them. There is a reason why we no longer have measles, mumps, diphtheria and polio epidemics. There is a reason why pregnant women who had not had rubella no longer worry about birth defects caused by catching it.

      When anti-vax parents point out that their kids haven’t caught anything, they do not like being reminded that their kids are enjoying the herd immunity provided by the parents that do vaccinate their children.

      1. I never was an antivaxxer, received all my vaccinations, vaccinated my children up until the chicken pox vaccine from which they both developed chicken pox . When pediatrician asked if I wanted them to receive flu vaccine, I asked if he gave the flu vaccine to his children. He said, “no”.
        I also was unaware of the use of LIVE aborted babies as culture or test medium. Can’t use dead fetus or cells won’t be viable. Interesting. Read Pamela Acker’s book. Things are not always as they appear to be.

      2. Please do not peddle pharmaceutical propaganda.
        Please refute – if you are able – the 19 June 2020 article “Did vaccines really save the world?” at

        Afterwards, you may refute the 9 August 2020 article “Is the science really settled?” and lastly the 29 October 2020 article “Are vaccines really “safe and effective”?”.

      3. “Herd Immunity” is a godless phrase that suggests we are animals, or like animals, to be controlled, directed, herded, rather than creatures made in the image of God whom God loves and with a white hot love and personal interest.

        I place my faith in God, God’s Providence, God’s benevolence, God’s mercy, God’s active interest for HIS creatures. God will provide.

        When the pharmaceutical industry produces products based on “stem cell lines” extracted from live babies, aborted then killed – *NOT* God but God’s eternal enemy is the spirit that drives such product and devotion to it. Because literally, the devotion of some to pharmaceutical products is quasi-religious in nature.

        I am not “anti-vax”. I would be open to it, *IF*, and only *if* I know what it is they are putting into my veins. And it served a useful purpose. I typically maintain health in natural ways, essentially through clean living. And I am prepared to meet my Maker. I spend my spiritual energy and allotted time preparing to meet my Maker, nor worrying about viruses …. that are an essential part of life on earth.

      1. I have seen too much evil done in this world to innocent people. I will not be silenced, I will not wear a mask and will not be vaccinated. I pray every day for the victory of the Immaculate Heart and for the chastisement that we deserve. God will not and should not be mocked. Catholics need to stand up for the Truth, period.

  7. Just a note about correct terminology: the word is “preventive” measures, not “preventative” measures. Don’t want my Catholic confreres sounding like hayseeds.

  8. I’m not a doctor or nurse, but I read this somewhere and it makes sense. If vaccinated people have less severe or no symptoms, but are still able to spread the virus, we have a big problem. Normally viruses become less severe as they mutate over time. The reason for this is that the mutations that make the virus deadlier limit themselves because they either kill the host or make them sick enough to have to stay home thus limiting their exposure to other people. If vaccinated people can now contract one of these deadlier mutations with only mild or zero symptoms and maintain the ability to spread it, we have just opened up a pathway for viruses to mutate into deadlier forms and spread with ease.

    1. Bill Gates and his father (Bill Sr.) are known eugenicists. Bill (jr) is on the record wanting 3,000,000,000 fewer people on earth. I think very many of the elites he pals around with want fewer people on earth for any number of sick, twisted reasons. Bill will get his no matter what (he got $3,500,000,000 in the “Covid relief” bill). He and his smiling wife will survive the coming de-population storm.

      What you say is true. I believe it, firmly. I think it is a feature of this pandemi-scam, not a bug. This is how they do it. “Vaccines”. Genetic DNA re-programming code vaccines, designed by the software king famous for crashing computers, now bringing his unique skill set into humanity’s God-given operating systems.

      They’re going to have to catch me to prick me.

      1. “… new and wrote …” said the hayseed. 🤠

        I googled the word, because it didn’t look quite write


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