Still more disturbing pics of the satanic cross of Bergoglio/Bernardin

Backstory here:

Tell me, what do you see here:

Is that a sheep, or Spuds Mackenzie?

And again, the hideous face of the “Christ-figure.” Who would choose to wear this as a most loving gesture toward our Lord? Who would look at this and think to themselves, “oh, how beautiful.”

Miss B. posted this next one. It is the face as shown upside down, as the wearer would see it:

Nothing like having a demon staring back at you as you go about your daily business.

Seen in finer detail, it gets even worse. It seems the demon has a serpent slithering from its nose:

Super creepy, right?

One last thing. Isn’t it disturbing that this cross, when worn against white, appears quite black? It was very distinctive that night on the Loggia eight years ago, even bathed in bright light. So dark, in fact, that commentators immediately speculated it was made from iron.

But I’m sure this is all just coincidental.

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