Visibility: God is not a jerk, the signs are literally everywhere, WAKE UP

Miss B. has been writing about the satanic pectoral cross that is being used by Antipope Bergoglio as he rules over the anti-church. Closer inspection of said cross reveals more interesting details by the day.

It is the same cross used by the satanic pedo sodo Cardinal Bernardin back in the 1970s-90s, and this hardly seems a coincidence. It was Bernardin who ritualistically raped an 11 year old girl, known as “Agnes,” at a satanic black mass conducted by his bishop John Russell inside St. Mary’s church in Greenville, South Carolina in 1957. Agnes’ story, including her polygraph test results, can be found in Randy Engel’s The Rite of Sodomy, beginning on page 910.

Six years later, just six days into the pontificate of Pope Paul VI of odious memory, another black mass was conducted for the enthronement of Satan at the Vatican, inside the Pauline Chapel, on the Feast of SS Peter and Paul, 29 June 1963. It is at this event where Malachi Martin uses creative license to place Agnes’ rape in Windswept House. This black mass/enthronement was, at the time, the crowning achievement of the Sodo-Masonic infiltration, where they intended and “prayed for” the true Catholic Church to be subsumed by the anti-church, as the “Universal Church of Man” (Windswept House, beginning on page 16).

It makes one wonder if the events in Greenville were in fact an enthronement of Satan in the United States of America. The timing seems about right, doesn’t it? Bernardin went on to become a bishop at the age of 38, head of the USCCB, and finally Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago in 1982. He ruled the American Church and hand picked practically every bishop until his death in 1996.

Fast-forward to 2019-21. Moloch-worshiping “catholic” faux POTUS in DC, subject of Cardinal Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who himself was personally chosen and consecrated a bishop at the age of 36 at the hands of Bernardin. Arch-heretic antipope squatting on the Chair of St. Peter. Lies and blasphemies on a daily basis. Diabolical inversion of truth regarding all manner of the moral law. Pachamama enthroned… demon worship inside St. Peter’s and on the high altar itself. Then shortly thereafter, the true and pure unblemished sacrifice was taken away altogether; there has not been Mass said on that altar – the pope’s altar – in nearly a year. Do you think that too might be a visible sign of something being very, very wrong?

I am mirroring, below, all three posts from Miss B. regarding the pectoral cross, with permission. I only have two items to add to the backward/inverted leg/foot demon motif: Scroll down to the image of the full cross. First, take a look at the “sheep” on the far left of the cross. I smell bacon. Second, turn the image upside down. Look at the tunic, below the belt. Is that a hand grasping a phallus?

Folks, read it all. Click the links. It’s all out in the open.

The Satanic Bernardin-Bergoglio Pectoral Cross: “Why are the feet facing different directions?” Because the figure isn’t Christ… it is the ANTICHRIST

Now THIS is extremely creepy.

An eagle-eyed reader sent a very short email regarding the posts on the Bernardin-Bergoglio super-creepy pectoral cross. “Why are the feet facing different directions?”

I made the Scooby-Doo inquisitive noise and pulled up my picture and zoomed in on the legs and feet of the figure, and sure enough, absolutely no mistake, the leg on our left is facing backward – you can clearly see the musculature of the calf shows that the view is from the rear, you can see the anatomy of the knee is from the rear, and the foot itself is the view of the Achilles’ tendon and heel. The leg and foot on our right is clearly front-facing, as it should be.

So I start looking up “backward leg or foot” and… guys, it’s NEVER good. It is a UNIVERSAL motif of the demonic. As in, inversion, mirror images, the sowing of confusion, deception, leading people astray, especially children, oftentimes to ritual death. Just a few of the demonic “backwards leg/foot” entries include:

Tata Duende (Mayan demon, child kidnapper)

Churel (South Asian demon, vampiric, hunts young men especially)

Pichal Peri (Himalayan demon)

Curupira (Brazilian demon)

Bhoots (Indian demon-ghosts)

Ciguapa (Dominican Republic demon)

Again, the common linkage with the motif of one or both legs/feet being reversed is that of DECEPTION and leading victims astray by confusion. Is the demon coming or going? Which way is it facing? The demon has a superficial initial appearance of normalcy, but is actually an inversion or MIRROR IMAGE.

If this isn’t apropos of the Bergoglian Antipapacy and the Antichurch of which he is the public face, I don’t know what is.

So now we not only see why the Bernardin-Bergoglio “pectoral cross” has a figure with a reversed leg and foot, but we also see the significance to the Luciferian cabal of usurpers at war with Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.

The figure on the Bernardin-Bergoglio pectoral cross isn’t Christ. It is the ANTICHRIST.

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More Photo Evidence on the Satanist Cardinal Bernardin, His Creepy Pectoral Cross That Antipope Bergoglio Also Wears, and the Satanic Grand Orient

Original post here.

Now, add:

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Remember Antipope Bergoglio’s creepy pectoral Cross? Well, it’s EXACTLY the same Cross worn by the Satanist pedophile rapist, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin

Okay. Bernardin was the American satanist who was shot straight to the top of the American church and decided who was elevated to the episcopacy in the US from the late 1960s until his death in ARSH 1996.

Bernardin was the man depicted in the opening chapter of Malachi Martin’s “Windswept House” who co-presided with Bishop John Russell over the black Mass in South Carolina that was performed concurrently with a black Mass in the Pauline Chapel inside the Vatican to “enthrone satan” in the late 1950s. The child who was raped in the South Carolina black Mass, “Agnes”, corresponded with me in ARSH 2014 and confirmed that Bernardin co-presided over the South Carolina black Mass and raped her at the “consecration” equivalent. Agnes’ father was a satanist in South Carolina and provided her to the coven and was present when she was ritually raped.

Bernardin has been recruited by satanists out of the gay bar scene in Charleston when he was a pre-med undergrad at USC. The satanists placed him into seminary and saw to it that he shot straight to the top of the American church. Bernardin was made a bishop at age 38, and at age 40 was the head of the US bishops’ conference, a position of power which he retained until his death, and his coven of protégées still control to this day.

Bernardin was a key supporter of Saul Alinsky, and Bernardin paid for Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) to be brought to Chicago and be trained in Alinskyism.

Read my piece from ARSH 2012, “The Bernardin-Alinsky-Obama Nexus” here.

Antipope Bergoglio has worn a creepy pectoral Cross with Christ (?) depicted with arms crossed since his elevation in Buenos Aires. On the left is Bergoglio before usurping the Petrine See, and on the right is after the usurpation, with a new silver version of the same Cross:

It is thought that this is actually a satanic icon, rooted in “Osiris”, and that the odd “dove” at the top is actually a goat head with horns, stylized so as to be claimed to be “a dove”. The face of the man looks like an evil death mask.

Not coincidentally, in December of ARSH 2019, a Pachamama worship ritual was performed at a televised Vatican “Christmas concert”, led by an Amazonian witch. These were the last days before the global putsch of the Covid political religion and the global interdict of the Catholic Church. This screen cap is literally of the Pachamama worship ritual inside the Paul VI hall inside the Vatican:

But here’s the new info, sent in by an eagle-eyed reader. This pectoral cross that Antipope Bergoglio wears is EXACTLY the same as that worn by the Satanist Cardinal Bernardin:

Interestingly, Wilton Gregory, the black sodomite hand-picked by the faggot Cardinal Donald Wuerl, himself a protégée of Uncle Ted McCarrick, to replace Wuerl in Washington DC, was Bernardin’s protégée (and assumed sodomy partner.) Here is a picture of the known satanist and child rapist Bernardin consecrating Wilton Gregory a Bishop at age 36, on Halloween ARSH 1983, and a picture of Gregory serving Bernardin’s Mass. You can see the edge of Bernardin’s pectoral Cross. Given Wilton Gregory’s flaming homosexuality and intimate connection with Bernardin, it is not at all unreasonable to suspect Wilton Gregory of being connected to Satanism. Which makes him just perfect to be the Cardinal Archbishop of Washington DC.

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32 thoughts on “Visibility: God is not a jerk, the signs are literally everywhere, WAKE UP”

  1. I’ve been studying this pectoral cross since reading Ann’s original posts and besides the backward pointing leg, there’s also something wrong with the composition of “Jesus”. If you squint your eye at a work of art, it forces you to see just light and shadow where you can pick up hidden things not so visible to an unobstructed view. Note how the way the head and the crossed arms form some type of an arrowhead shape with an “eye” in the center. Maybe I’m off but it looks like that freemasonic icon of the eye in the pyramid.

    Also the sheep look like they’re about to fall into a vortex below where this “person” is. Why wouldn’t Our Lord be above the sheep in composition rather than the inverse? For that matter, why isn’t our crucified Lord mounted on the cross like a Catholic crucifix is supposed to be?

    I’m not saying the following is true but it is worth a consideration. I think we can all agree the Third Secret of Fatima released by the Vatican several years ago was B.S. The internet has recently as I just discovered been largely been scrubbed of search results regarding the speculated real Third Secret (imagine that!) Following is one speculation that I saved. Again, I’m not saying this is for real because I/we don’t know. Here’s what this one-page version of the secret is said to have actually read. EMPHASIS IS MINE.

    Now I will reveal the third part of the secret; This part is the apostasy in the Church! Our Lady showed us a vision of someone who i describe as the ‘ Pope ‘, standing in front of a praising multitude. But there was a difference with a real Pope, THE EVIL LOOK, THIS ONE HAD EYES OF EVIL. Then after a few moments we saw the same Pope entering a church, but THIS CHURCH WAS LIKE THE CHURCH OF HELL, THERE IS NO WAY TO DESCRIBE THE UGLINESS OF THIS PLACE. it seemed like a fortress made of gray cement, with broken angles and windows like eyes, there was a beak on top of the building. We then looked up at Our Lady who said to us, you have seen the apostasy in the Church, this message can be opened by The Holy Father, but must be announced after Pius XII and before 1960. During the pontificate of John Paul II the cornerstone from Peter’s tomb must be removed and transferred to Fatima. Because the Dogma of faith is not preserved in Rome, her authority will be removed and given to Portugal. THE CATHEDRAL OF ROME MUST BE DESTROYED and a new one built in Fatima. IF 69 weeks after this command is announced ROME CONTINUES ITS ABOMINATION, THE CITY WILL BE DESTROYED.

    1. UPDATE: I just re-read Mark’s post and looked at the “cross” more closely. I thought something about the folds in the tunic below the belt didn’t look right. Why the curved folds on just the right side? Because that is indeed a masturbatory graphic. Also, Red Feather’s comment below noticed something else. The “sheep/pig’s” rear end on the left of the “shepherd’s” shoulder if exposed in such a way that shows in full view… I can’t even type it.

      EVIL! EVIL! PURE EVIL! I now firmly and unapologetically believe that Jorge Bergoglio is a satanist. The evidence has been slapping us in the face since 2014. Besides this demonic fake cross there’s just to cite a few: The pachamama bitch demon worship; the supposed gay orgy but likely black mass ritual that was “presided over” by his toadie, the disgusting Francesco Coccopalmerio inside the Vatican; the non-stop blasphemies and the most offensive of all… Bergoglio’s refusal to genuflect and his facial expressions of pure hatred whenever he consecrates or is at an adoration.

      If anyone reading this is living in or anywhere near Rome – move far away. Now.

  2. Notice the crossed arms posture of the initiation to the “Super-Excellent Master Mason Degree” from Richardson’s Monitor of Freemasonry 1860, p.91
    Also, do a quick image search to find the same crossed arms posture demonstrated by Aleister Crowley

  3. Please examine Aleister Crowley and Madame Blavatsky’s occult ‘Law of Reversal’. all of this fits right into it
    Just google it. Its all there. Yet few do so. And many do not pay much attention to it… but they should. Its everywhere right now! TV, Music and Entertainment, the entire Educational System, Politics and so on and on.

  4. Very observant, Mark. I Googled “Bergoglio’s pectoral cross”. First entry is the Catholic Company religious supply house where the cross can be had for $17.95. The design is described as “inspirational”. I am able, on the cross featured there to see the swine on the left. That is something porcine, not anything ovine!! The phallus is less obvious on that rendering. But when I look on the “shepherd’s” left shoulder it looks nothing like a lamb’s rear legs but rather like both a labial and anal opening. What do you think?

  5. Any Catholic still calling this bastard Pope, or worse, Holy Father, should be totally ridiculed and then ignored. Enough.

  6. Mark,

    Agreed. The ‘cross’ of Bergoglio is like his teaching demonic. The Demitrads backing the False Pope might take a look over at Peter Chojnowski’s site where he makes a fine clarification to the teaching of a true pope.


      1. Sorry….don’t know how to get the pic here. Computer illiterate boomer that I am….lol

        Its the hammer and sickle “Crucifix” presented to the antipope.

    1. Except both sheep and goats can have either long or short or small or large ears.
      It depends on the breed. The way the coats are rendered is sheep-like.

  7. (Disclaimer: I think Benedict is actually Pope and I think Bergolio is a manifest heretic.)

    In examining the cross, it would be useful to look for other images that are clearer and show it from slightly different angles. It is a kind of bas relief sculpture, and we should view it as such.
    Try this one:
    In this, the “turned foot” looks normal and the “swine” is obviously a sheep.

    Or this one:
    In this one, the face is much more what we associate with other images of Jesus. If you enlarge it, the
    chasing in the background is much clearer. It could be interpreted in 3 ways: flames going up, or flames coming down from the dove (the usual Christian interpretation) or simply a filler for the background of the figures, an artistic choice. (By which I mean, a choice of the maker- not that this work is art.)

  8. I read this over at Ann Barnhardt’s site.

    I’m not convinced that the animal on the left is a swine. The whole thing is so impressionistic and horribly ugly that it’s very hard to tell. But that foot and leg are definitely backwards–I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.

    I could be mistaken, but I believe the Masons use that crossed arm sign to signify the skull and crossbones; the crossed arms represent the crossbones (femurs) and the person’s head represents the skull. That’s what the central figure in this ugly thing is almost doing (obviously not something Jesus would do). (If I were holding a lamb over my shoulders, I don’t think I’d want to cross my arms. Do farmers carry lambs this way?)

    Take a look at the triangular link on the top of the cross. Does it not resemble an inverted Masonic compass? I can even make out the juncture of the two arms of the compass. I tried turning the image upside down to examine the pattern in the “compass” but I can’t make sense of it–but there’s got to be something there. Would not surprise me if it’s the letter G, as in the Masonic compass-and-square symbol (meaning “God” or “Geometry” and probably “Gnosis”), or possibly the all-seeing eye.

    I also tried to count the number of sheep in the figure. It’s difficult because they are supposed to fade into the background, but you can count the number of visible “humps” i.e. the backs of the sheep. I count about 36 in total (including the one held by the central figure). Maybe I’m wrong and it’s 39? In any case, there are noticeably more sheep on the right side than the left. Seems like the number of sheep would have symbolic importance.

    Also, we have to look at images of the original, not the images of the reproductions for sale.The reproductions are scaled and modified for ease of manufacture; and they are artist’s impressions of the original. We just can’t draw any reliable conclusions from the reproductions.

    1. Why did Bergoglio choose this reproduction? If the original is (supposedly) okay, then why didn’t Berglogio choose to wear the original? Why does he choose to wear a reproduction that has been altered such that it is, at minimum, problematic and controversial?

      This is yet another bad move, among so many of bad moves, by this “pope.” There are countless beautiful crucifix designs he could pick to wear and yet he chooses this ugly thing. Why?

      1. In my comment, I was referring the modified reproductions that are offered for sale in the links provided by the previous commenter.

  9. The animal directly on the other side of the figure (the viewer’s right) appears to be a ram or a goat with horns.

      1. Riiiiiiiiiight. And that’s not a swine on the left side, the figure is not stepping off a cliff down into a pit and leading all behind him into said pit, that’s not a masonic-pachamama crossed arms gesture, that’s not a Mike Myers-looking face mask, the dove doesn’t have its head chopped off, that’s not a hand touching a phallus, and the foot and leg aren’t really turned backwards. No, that’s all just an illusion and lot of conjecture on our part and it’s just a random coincidence that Bergoglio chooses to wear it over all the other possible crucifixes he could wear.

  10. Caroline,
    Or, each and every one of those things could also be the result of really bad semi-abstract art.
    I’m very inclined to think that Bergoglio kept it as part of his faux-humble facade and just to be contrary, but we don’t know.

    We need to stop and think about what’s being implied here and what we don’t know.
    This cross didn’t appear from nowhere- it was designed and created.
    So: did Bernadine commission this cross?
    If he did, that means that the designer had to have been in on the deception. Can you imagine a conversation between Bernadine and an innocent artist asking for all the things people claim to be finding in the cross?
    “I want a Good Shepherd, with a flock of sheep, but could you make the big sheep on the left look like a pig?
    And turn one leg backwards and if you could work a penis into the tunic, that would be great.”

    We don’t actually know anything much about the designer beyond his name and that he was a silversmith.
    It’s possible he was a Masonic Satanist and designed this on purpose to specifications, But we don’t know. And to accuse him of that without knowing is a type of calumny, a serous sin.

    Alternate explanation: Bernardine saw this cross in an ecclesiastical goods catalogue, liked it (because as Barnhardt points out, homosexuals have no taste) and bought it.

    1. I am not going to participate in your mental gymnastics that you are going through to convince yourself of a lie.

      There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Shaking the dust off now.

  11. Here is why the figure has one foot backwards: To make the figure look ugly. And why is that?
    Isaiah 57:7 (KJV) “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!”

    Christ has beautiful feet. So it’s a not-so-subtle signal that the figure is not Christ..

  12. Bergoglio has said the figure is not Christ. It is a shephard, But why is HE wearing that and not the traditional crucifix of Jesus?

    RE: the corrected crosses, they are corrected when they are sold. You can see it on the crosses you can purchase.

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