Barnhardt Podcast Episode 137: Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!

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In this episode, Ann is joined by Mark “Lenny” Docherty and Dr. Edmund “Squiggy” Mazza, where they explore the latest letter from Archbishop Vigano, highlighting therein various examples of his stunning departure from logic and reason. The pesky problem of holding a false base premise, exposition on the law of non-contradiction, the obedience due a true pope, and the dangers of a downright Protestant mindset are all explored. We then turn to current events, the January 6th Capital “riot”, faux-inauguration, the coming uber cancel culture purge, Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes (11 February, the date Pope Benedict chose to read out his quasi-renunciation), the Immaculate Conception, the Reichstag fire and subsequent abrogation of God-given rights, and the suspension of law/state of exception/state of necessity. So pour yourself a milk and Pepsi. Nothing’s gonna turn us back now, straight ahead and on the track now!

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9 thoughts on “Barnhardt Podcast Episode 137: Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!”

  1. Ann’s comment, “We’re so blessed to be alive in these times,” reminded me of these words spoken by a saintly priest:
    “You may think that you’re having a pretty awful time but if only you knew how to see it properly, you would realize you’re living through one of the most precious times of your life.”
    – From a sermon given inside a Japanese POW camp in Burma during WWII by Fr. Lionel “Sam” Marsden, SM, Chaplain AIF

  2. I’m glad you all hit on the fact that the Consecration wouldn’t take much….as there are so few bishops who are actually Catholic. I’ve been thinking and posting that for a few years now.

    And also that believing Bergoglio is pope, and then CHOOSONG which of his teachings we can ignore is straight up Protestantism. Again, I ask, how does one explain the need to be Catholic (the need for an earthly authority within Christendom) with a Bergoglio as pope? Doesn’t work. Authority was a big, big part of why I converted.

    Wonderful podcast.

  3. Although I agree with Ann and Mark about Benedict’s faux abdication, I must also say that equating disobedience with Protestantism is a complete overstatement and is just wrong. In fact, the whole R&R position most trads take is based on the fact that disobedience to novel “doctrines” that contradict the faith is necessary.

    This could be why many in “trad inc” falsely accuse Ann of Sedevacantism. Sedevacantists often use the same line of argument. I.E if you think X is the pope than you must accept Vatican II and the Novus Ordo rites.

    That’s not to say the R&R position also doesn’t have its problems. Taken to the extreme, it turns the pope into a figurehead like the Queen of England. Thereby effectively destroying the papacy. Still, I think the moderate form of R&R is the most plausible in these diabolically disoriented times.

    1. The Archbishop in his letter asserts that it is the duty of the faithful to pick and choose which teachings to obey, and which to disobey/ignore. That mindset is straight up Protestant… think about it. It’s the opposite of how things work. The whole reason for having a true Vicar of Christ on earth is to have a trusted guide who is inerrant in matters of faith and morals. Plebs and proles don’t get to decide faith and morals for themselves.

    2. Jesse…..I don’t understand your reply. First you say you agree with Ann and Mark (and Dr. Mazda 😀) about Benedict’s faux resignation….then at the end you say the moderate form of R&R is the most plausible. What am I not understanding?

      R&R IS Protestantism. Prots recognize and resist the Pope.

  4. Kono, I think the difference between protestantism the R+R position is that protestantism rejects outright the doctrine that Christ created the Papacy and the R+R position fully accepts it, with the understanding that if/when a Pope advocates, promulgates, teaches or requires obedience to a doctrine that contradicts the truths that have been taught before, THAT is what should be resisted, not the Papacy itself. At least that is my understanding. And I fully admit that I have not pressed this line of thinking very hard as I was so desperate to exit novusordoism that when I found the SSPX and realized that they are not heretical schismatics I accepted this line of reasoning gratefully. So far I have come across nothing inside or outside of the Society that shakes this position. But I speak only for myself, of course.

    1. J, perhaps the concept is better described as “Protestant Mindset.” And yes, there are difficulties still. The SSPX seem to be “most right,” yet there are logical inconsistencies in their reasoning as well.

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