We’ve only just begun: Over 500 deaths and thousands hospitalized from the vaxx…

This just the first month, long before any long term effects are known, and before anyone might have been exposed to the wild virus after the fact, when the deadly antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) becomes a factor.


6 thoughts on “We’ve only just begun: Over 500 deaths and thousands hospitalized from the vaxx…”

  1. Most of the people I talk to in the actual brick and mortal world believe it’s all coming to an end, and the Obiden White House is going to ride the wave of recovery to record approval ratings and easy re-election (approval ratings and elections… how cute).

    They really have no idea what these people have planned for all of us. Not. A. Clue.

    1. God has a clue, and He laughs at them, for He sees that their day is coming.

      It is Father Maximilian Kolbe who has gone before us in dealing with the Culture of Death, providentially demonstrating what is to be done. To consecrate ourselves to the Immaculata his way is to defeat it. Anything short of or other than this, and we are only a part of the problem ourselves.

  2. Even more distressing is the fact that the VAERS system is passive (meaning people have to seek it out to make a report). What might the actual numbers be if we looked at say, the active tracking system that is supposedly built in to the vaccination system (through Pfizer and Moderna and through the government)??

  3. The numbers are interesting but without a “number vaccinated” total to compare them to, they are rather useless. Any vaccine will have adverse affects in some percentage of the population- the tipping point is when do those negate the potential benefits of the vaccine for the whole population. Just pointing this out- as vaccine fans will do.

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