A fraud pope and a fraud potus walk into a bar…

You have to admit, the malarkey currently on display in the District feels a lot like the shenanigans of Feb-Mar 2013 in Rome. The similarities are striking, even though the timeline is a little off. Just saying.


  1. Pope fails to officially renounce his office
  2. Establishment of faux office of Pope Emeritus
  3. Illegal conclave, its outcome illegally predetermined, illegally elects fraud (anti)pope, who then usurps
  4. “Universal Peaceful Acceptance”


  1. Illegal election, its outcome illegally predetermined, illegally elects fraud President, who then usurps
  2. President fails to officially concede his office
  3. Universal peaceful acceptance
  4. Establishment of faux Office of the Former President

The mind boggles.

‘So is Trump still president?’

By Stephen Stone
January 26, 2021

A few days ago, one of my brothers, a retired lawyer, sent me a message that asked, “So is Trump still president?”

Since the phrasing of the question implied the answer was neither simple nor straightforward, I gave the answer serious thought, from every angle I could think of, and came up with the following.

Because of unprecedented anomalies that haven’t been sufficiently resolved regarding the Nov. 3 election, there is still some question as to the election’s outcome. Among the factors still at play are these:

  1. The fact that on Nov. 3, several swing states conducted elections that were statutorily unlawful, according to the evidence (for example, large numbers of absentee and mail-in ballots were counted without being properly scrutinized as required by law, and there were enough of these unlawfully-counted ballots to turn a decisive victory for Trump in those states into a narrow alleged win for Biden without evidence of validity), yet these elections were certified on Dec.14 as lawful.[1]
  2. The refusal by the U.S. Supreme Court on Dec. 11 even to consider evidence of the above fact (dismissing out of hand the Texas case, which challenged four states’ certifications, with the Court arguing that the people of Texas had no legitimate interest in the legality of other states’ presidential elections).
  3. The resultant acceptance by Congress on Jan. 6 of unlawful swing-state certifications—and the chaotic storming of the Capitol that day instigated by anti-Trump leftists posing as Trump supporters to damage Trump by disrupting Congress’s deliberations and ensuring a less than Trump-favorable outcome.
  4. The release by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to Trump and Congress on Jan. 7 of the much-awaited Assessment of Foreign Interference in the 2020 Election, in which DNI Ratcliffe found that, based on available intelligence, “the People’s Republic of China sought to influence the 2020 U.S. federal elections”—a fact that gave Trump extensive authority under Executive Order 13848 to sanction China, freeze property, take needed remedial action, and punish American and Chinese perpetrators for their unlawful interference. (Unfortunately, by then, Congress had already awarded the election to Biden on Jan. 6.)
  5. The suppression by the media and Big Tech of undisputed evidence found on the hard drive of a laptop owned by Hunter Biden (which he’d left in the legal possession of a repair shop owner after failing to reclaim it) that proved the entire Biden family—including Joe, Hunter, and others—were engaged in an unlawful scheme to sell influence to China and other countries for millions of dollars, making them, in the words of former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova (go to 16:35), guilty of a “major kickback scheme,” “money laundering [of funds] coming in from foreign sources,” “mail fraud,” “wire fraud,” and “a criminal enterprise [that involves] RICO violations.” News of the laptop was first broken by the New York Post on Oct. 14 and was immediately throttled by Facebook and blocked by Twitter, which locked the Post’s entire account until Oct. 30 and continued to suppress the laptop story until after the election. Other media followed suit in censoring news of the laptop. Following the Nov. 3 election, a McLaughlin poll revealed that 4.6% of Biden voters say they would not have voted for Biden had they known about the laptop. It can reasonably be said that Big Tech and the media stole the election.
  6. The belated second impeachment of Trump on Jan. 13 for inciting the leftist-led “insurrection” at the Capitol a week earlier, impeachment that would appear to violate the Constitution (see Art. 1, Sect. 3, Cl. 6-7, with its stipulation that only a sitting president can be tried for impeachment). The trial of Trump by the Democrat-controlled Senate is set to begin Feb. 9 .
  7. And other related issues that have caused 79% of Trump voters (and nearly a third of Democrats) to believe the election was stolen by the Democrats—in direct violation of the vital principle in the Declaration of Independence that “to secure these [unalienable] rights [of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness], Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it”—meaning that the Biden presidency is illegitimate and subject to lawful correction, in harmony with constitutional requirements that have been blatantly disregarded by the courts, the “Deep State” establishment, corrupt state governments, the rich and powerful, and other players, including at least one foreign government, China, which happens to be the greatest current threat to America’s security and sovereignty, according to DNI Ratcliffe.

It’s possible that all of the above issues may be conclusively resolved once the Senate convenes the week of Feb. 9 to try Trump. This trial—despite its disputed legitimacy—will offer Trump’s lawyers a public opportunity to defend him against a continual stream of unfounded information from the media, Big Tech, the Democratic Party, and others relating to the election, as well as to publicly present the mounting evidence of deliberate theft of the election by the Biden Campaign and Democratic operatives and supporters (among whom is Mark Zuckerberg, who reportedly donated $400 million dollars to Democrat election officials in the swing states to ensure Biden’s win, in violation of the law).

These and related facts are part of the biggest constitutional—and existential— threat to our nation since the Civil War.


[1] Additional evidence that could be cited includes (1) blatant disregard for law in some swing states where election officials (including secretaries of state) changed the rules of the election without the statutory consent of their legislatures; (2) blatant actions by election officials that aggressively prevented poll watchers from observing the processing and counting of ballots, as required by law—nullifying that processing and counting; (3) credible evidence of large quantities of “mail-in” ballots that were apparently never folded, with Biden’s name pre-selected by the printing machine and no down-ballot races included; (4) the unprecedented pausing of voting late at night Nov. 3 in the swing states when Trump was winning by large margins, only to be resumed hours later with Biden winning by modest margins; and many more documented serious irregularities. These anomalies are significant enough to demand a thorough bipartisan investigation of these states’ elections, to settle the legitimate question of who lawfully won—a move state leaders have so far resisted.


7 thoughts on “A fraud pope and a fraud potus walk into a bar…”

  1. The simple, easy, obvious truth: We the People clearly re-elected President Trump. He is the President. Biden is a usurper. And everyone knows it.

  2. I would submit that with regards to the Presidency, the wrong question is being asked. It isn’t a matter of who is or is not the “President of the United States.” The question is much, much bigger than that. The question is whether the United Statesof America still exists. I would say “no.”
    And herein lies the apples-oranges nature of the Church-US or POTUS/Pope comparison. The Church absolutely exists and will until Our Lord returns in glory, even if in eclipse, but still visible. The USA can cease to exist, and in my opinion has ceased to exist. The Papacy is a divinely ordained office that enjoys negative supernatural protection. The POTUS is a civilian office. Nothing more. Any arguments that the US or the Presidency are anything more than that is heresy, and blasphemous. -Ann B.

    1. In some sense, the “USA” still exists, just not in the form it did in 1789, 1865, or at any other points in its history for that matter. There is still a political entity known as the USA. But that political entity changes with every law that is passed, regulation that is issued, or opinion that is penned by an agency or court. Just another glaring difference between the Church and the “USA” – the former is unchanging in its essentials, the latter in constant flux even in its essentials.

  3. There is no political solution to the mess in our country. Americanism is a heresy; a ruse of freemasonry. We have to understand that no matter how hard it may be to accept or even visualize. Freemasonry is the root of everything that is wrong with this nation and freemasonry must be destroyed – completely, 100 percent destroyed. That means the freemasonic heritage, the freemasonic form of government and the freemasonic rotten fruits of the culture. Yeah.

    The ONLY thing that can turn things around for the better is the intercession of Our Lady. Imagine how powerful it would be if every bishop in every diocese, called on the faithful to recite the Rosary for the betterment of this country?

    It can be done if we’re ready to accept humility and submit to Christ the King and Mary the Queen of Heaven. I’m ready now.

  4. It is truly amazing how the secular is mirroring the existential….as so often the material reflects the spiritual. No coincidences….the spiritual battle is white-hot; only makes sense that we would see reflections in the material. Nice article Mark…..really powerful insight.

  5. Zuckerberg (and Dorsey’s) contributions are far above $400M if you include the in-kind donations of suppressed information and comment. But as with this entire farce of an election, it is not a question of whether it was stolen, but whether anything will be done about it.

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