3 thoughts on “Censorship duty for the Proles: Twitter sets up snitchware, asks all Americans to do their part”

  1. Folks, please for the love of God… get off Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all other social media sites. These sites do nothing but breed anger, narcissism and stupidity and furthermore, as is more than obvious by now, they’re gleefully using the data they’ve collected on you for an enemies list. Social media is an addictive step into hell, just as bad as online pornography. It’s a world of fake friends, fake news and real information gathering for French Revolution 2.0.

    The best way to totally get off these dens of the devil is to delete all your posts, un-like all your “likes” and de-friend all your friends and followers. Then, close your account. Yes, that may take a lot of your time but please, do it now. If for no other reason your lives will instantly turn more positive as a result.

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