White House makes Inauguration video unlisted after getting ratioed 10:1 on downvotes

The most popular President in history had to hide his Inauguration video because it was getting crushed with downvotes and negative comments. It turns out that suitcases and semi-trailers full of late night ballots can’t help you be a youtube star.

More votes than Obama! Most votes evah! LANDSLIIIIIIDE.

I guess they had to leave it up in some form; it is the White House channel, after all. Couldn’t hide the downvotes, but they disabled comments (can you imagine), and made it unlisted, so it doesn’t show up in searches (you need the direct link in order to find it).


However, if you do search for it, youtube is there to assure you that Biden really truly honestly is Definitely President.

H/t Canon212, Moonbattery, SaltyCracker.

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