Invited inside the Capitol and allowed to loiter for over four hours? Is no one going to question this, or does this seem like normal security?

Other than the plainclothes detachment with pistols in the House chamber, and the tactical unit that killed the USAF veteran, who else was providing security, and where were they? Isn’t it puzzling that no one was in a hurry to do anything about this “insurrection?” Doesn’t it all seem a bit staged?

There are 2500 Capitol Police and 3800 Metro DC police.

Here is one taking a selfie with a protester:

The army of MSM and wire service photogs sure didn’t seem to be concerned about anything, either. Indeed, they seemed to be in on it, and all were at the right place at the right time to capture the gasp-worthy shots to be opined over by journalisps as the pictures were plastered on every TV screen in America all afternoon and nothing was done for over four hours.

These aren’t action shots, these are obviously staged photos:

At the end of the day, what was the outcome of all this? The outcome was that the electors were not contested, none of the evidence was presented, except for PA, and it was done deep into the night, at 2am, when no one was watching.

Mission accomplished.

5 thoughts on “Invited inside the Capitol and allowed to loiter for over four hours? Is no one going to question this, or does this seem like normal security?”

  1. It appears that the American people have been taken for a ride and that this whole election has been theater. We shall see if the coup comes to fruition, or if there are any more twists and turns to the plot. Whatever the case may be, the Devil is Commander-in-Chief of the former United States of America at this moment .

  2. The police did not kill that USAF veteran. Check out the video, cue and look left on screen, the arm of a civilian, cuff white shirt, with a pistol! That woman was targeted, murdered. He could have shot any one of these people, but the woman was targeted. Rest in peace my dear, you did not deserve a violent death, and then your personal judgement with Our Lord, no time for a prayer. I will say that for you, and hope it helps you.

  3. And oh the wailing from the MSM “Trump mob”, “chaos”, but vandalism and fires in Portland were mostly peaceful. MSM is America’s biggest enema… uh, I mean enemy. God shut them down I pray.

  4. The rotten fruits of freemasonry have to be exposed in order for them to ultimately be destroyed. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Stay confessed and pray daily for the destruction of freemasonry and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Pray also for President Trump’s safety. Whats happening now is eerily similar to what started to happen in the French Revolution.

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