Everything is stupid, #27398

The Houston Airport Authority has an important message for the safety and well-being of the traveling public.

“Social distancing during a pandemic saves lives.” Translation: Obey the diktat, or you’re a murderer.

“Maintain six feet distance (four rollaboards width) in all eateries, retail, and gate areas, and a mask is required at all times.”

“Then get on your plane and sit next to strangers literally touching you for five hours and you can take your mask off to eat or drink along side them cuz that’s all coronaproof and these airplane diktats are totally consistent with all our other diktats because science SHUT UP, MURDERER.”

11 thoughts on “Everything is stupid, #27398”

  1. How about this one: Our school district here in central Nebraska decided to not have school from Thanksgiving break till February first in order to keep kids from being around one another during the height of the “flu” season. All sports are still in effect though so two or three times a week kids are mixing it up with other kids from around the state on the basketball floor or wrestling mat…

  2. Our state secretary of health, well, he wears dresses and tells us not to get sick.
    Everything is stupidier these days but that is most stupidiest..
    Happy 2021 to all.

    1. Drag queen Health Secretary imposing safe-orgy guidelines on a .gov website during a ridiculously fake pandemic has to be peak insanity. It can’t get any dumber, can it?

      (I’ll eat those words tomorrow, I’m sure)

      1. “…and the living will envy the dead.”

        I’m gaining increasing understanding of that verse with each passing day. *sigh*

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