Must watch: Mr. President, tear down this swamp

Yes, I realize it’s all Monopoly money at this point in terms of the Republic. But there are millions of souls who are truly suffering at the hands of covid crime against humanity, so this does matter. The relief bill is an absolute disgrace, and everyone on both sides knows this. For what it’s worth. Video is four minutes.

3 thoughts on “Must watch: Mr. President, tear down this swamp”

  1. Does anyone know how much planned parenthood is getting from this bill? You know good and well that Pelosi and Schumer aren’t going to let any type of stimulus pass without funding for those butchers. And sadly, we can’t depend on McConnell or the vast majority of the republicans to stand up and fight.

  2. not surprised that the “so called politicians” love giving our american money away instead of taking care of AMERICA. just another way of using the power they have—we made a huge mistake—the american indian should get the country back—at least the honored their land

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