5 thoughts on “The diabolical inversion of all three Theological Virtues in one tweet”

  1. I do not know Joe Heller, but his last name bears the place I wish not to go to. Pretty cheeky signalling of the future by these creeps. It does not matter for us here also as we have and are committed to the allegiance of God. Full stop! Blessed Sunday today, God help us all again, please.

  2. IVth Sunday of Advent

    Thx, Mark for jeeping an eye on the opposition.

    Looks like the banner of a Death Church. Most fitting for USCCB men with zero supernatural Faith. Looks like skull and bones. Also fitting for men who swear fealty to False Pope Bergoglio. All looking to murder bodies and more importantly souls–take the abortion vaccine because it’s a two-fer.

    They are all Hellbent on leading the people, the flock of poor sheep, into Hell. Which Pied Piper Bergoglio assures us does not exist. Really.

    Rorate Coeli desuper…Drop down dew, ye heavens, and let the clouds rain the Just; let the earth be opened and bud forth a Savior.

    –Introit, today’s Mass

  3. Thanks for keeping tabs on the Whitened Sepulchres–white outside, all rot within–that claim to be our bishops, and to be Catholic bishops.

    They’d have to be Catholic first.

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