Wars and rumors of war: Texas SCOTUS voter fraud case will determine fate of the nation

The outcome, either way, is going to leave 100,000,000 Americans believing the election was stolen from them. Let that sink in. And it won’t be the playful pussy hats, TDS, and RusiaRusiaRusia of 2016… this is for all the marbles, and everyone knows it.


Word in Intelligence circles says that if the Supreme Court voids any or all of the November 3 election due to the massive fraud and violations of the US Constitution with changes to election laws, the lawless extension of voting for weeks, in violation of 3 USC 1 & 2, the Democrats are planning on asking the United Nations to INVADE to depose Trump as a “Dictator.”   There is also word within Intelligence circles that the states of California, Oregon, and Washington, plus New York, might actually try to secede from the Union if Trump gets four more years,  and may need to be forcibly brought back under US control, the same way renegade southern states were handled back in the 1860’s Civil War.  HERE

A vertical Mason-Dixon line?

Denninger has read the Texas complaint, and he’s got a video up that explains everything. If you have fifteen minutes to understand what the next four days hold in store, go HERE.

Spoiler alert: If the Rule of Law exists, the election will be overturned. Are you really ready for that? It will be like a nuclear shock wave if it happens, because MSM will be calling it “baseless” right up to the moment of the decision. All the news will continue to be about HarrisBiden cabinet picks until then. But they are worried… can’t you tell?

Now ask yourself: Do you really think they wouldn’t invite UN troops – or even CHINA – to put boots on the ground to “remove Trump” if SCOTUS does its job? You better start thinking about it. Miss B. explains HERE.

Fast and pray.

Despite Trump’s venting and threats, Biden’s win is sealed

By CALVIN WOODWARD Associated Press December 9, 2020, 4:00 PM

This truth is self-evident: Joe Biden is on track to become president Jan. 20. The machinery of government and democracy is moving inexorably toward that end despite Trump’s attempts to undermine the voters’ will…

Americans who don’t wish to get caught up in the nitty gritty of Trump’s attempts to undermine the election can take their cue from one of the many judges who have dismissed the complaints of his team or his allies that the voting or counting was corrupt.

“This ship has sailed,” said U.S. District Judge Linda Parker in throwing out a lawsuit challenging Biden’s win in Michigan this week.

Not only has the ship sailed but it has reached safe harbor and dropped anchor.

Biden’s victory was essentially locked in Tuesday by the so-called safe harbor deadline set by federal law for states to finish their certifications and resolve legal disputes. It’s an insurance policy to guard against Congress trying to manipulate the electoral votes that will be cast next week and sent to the Capitol for counting on Jan. 6.

These steps — the deadline, the convening of the Electoral College in state capitals, Congress’ count in early January — are rituals that are routinely ignored by the public at large. They became less ignorable when Trump began exploring any and all avenues to stay in power.

But the election is over and has been for weeks. HERE

12 thoughts on “Wars and rumors of war: Texas SCOTUS voter fraud case will determine fate of the nation”

  1. We will see if SCOTUS has the balls to do the right thing which would be to nullify the election in several states. If this happened there would be riots orchestrated by the criminal Democrats. However, I don’t see them inviting an invasion which would be a disaster for them and a high probability the leaders would be hung for treason.

  2. Whatever happens, I hope it results in a new United States is America: A nation liberated by Divine Intervention from freemasonry and its filthy, rotten fruits.

    1. “ Whatever happens, I hope it results in a new United States is America: A nation liberated by Divine Intervention from freemasonry and its filthy, rotten fruits.”

      Yes, because sewers and clean water were such a pox on the world.

      Take your totalitarian dreams and choke on them, Boris. We don’t want to be like your Venezuelan “utopia.”

  3. “Of America” not “is America.” New Years resolution: more replies on the computer instead of the iPhone.

  4. I’m afraid the Supreme Court will punt because they don’t have the backbone to do the right thing. I’ll be up to Trump to “cross the Rubicon”.

  5. The UN is 25 percent funded by the USA and is headquartered here. Idk how they could do this. As far as Russia goes, they are always meddling around. The Chinese are an issue, of course.

    They’re out there to distract, and pressure us.

    If we had people around Trump like, oh, the Attorney General, FBI and CIA. Speak up to defend the Rule of Law, and if we had sane Democrats who see this for what it is, it could only help.

    Any invasion will be put down. Any secession will be dispatched.

    1. “It’s not really a voter fraud case but a constitutional case.”

      It is both. And, because we can tie Chinese money to the effort, it rises to meet the stringent criteria of Treason under our Constitution – and thus is punishable by death.

      This was a crime against every single American citizen.

      This did not happen without a whole lot of money, organization, and people getting their hands dirty. They must all swing from a rope, or face the firing squad.

  6. There’s about to be millions more hungry and homeless from Covid restrictions. That alone will lead to riots, looting, and once the cities burn down they’ll move to the suburbs. We wouldn’t even need Chinese or any other country to get involved. No secession, just full-blown war from hunger and desperation.

    Hungry people are already stealing from supermarkets. Give it a couple of months and people are gonna start pillaging homes, burning them down, things like that because they’re desperate, and only a handful of people have been working the whole time.

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