Y’all really need to understand how mRNA “vaccines” are designed and executed: You’re not going to like it

But first, can we agree on the definition of “vaccine?” Assume that we are talking about a totally legit traditional vaccine, one that has been around for years and is safe and effective. Fundamentally, what is it? Can we agree that a vaccine is a substance made from a weakened or dead version of the pathogen which is introduced into the bloodstream to induce an immune response?


So now understand this: mRNA “vaccines” are not vaccines… No. What we are dealing with here is bio-technology and bio-engineering. In short, it is genetic modification. Imagine the exuberance of the Luciferian Gates-funded pharmas, not to mention Gates himself, in their pursuit of being God.

So how does it work? When cells divide, the strands of DNA are replicated, and the Messenger RNA (mRNA)  play a vital role in processes known as Transcription and Translation. Learn about this HERE. This thing Moderna/Pfizer/Gates have come up with is a synthetic strand of mRNA, which penetrates the membrane of healthy human cells and hijacks the normal replication process. The previously healthy human cell will now be transformed to produce a fragment of the actual virus, the so-called ‘spike protein.’ This molecule will be recognized as a pathogen, provoking an immune response.

The previously healthy human cell will now be transformed to produce a fragment of the actual virus. You read that correctly. The following is from the first paragraph of the wiki entry on this technology:

An RNA vaccine or mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccine is a new type of vaccine that transfects molecules of synthetic RNA into human cells. Once inside the cells, the RNA functions as mRNA, reprogramming the cells to make the foreign protein that would normally be produced by the pathogen (e.g. a virus)… These protein molecules then stimulate an adaptive immune response that teaches the body to destroy any pathogen… The mRNA molecule is coated with a drug delivery vehicle, usually PEGylatedlipid nanoparticles,[2] to protect the fragile mRNA strands, and aid their absorption into the human cells.[3][4]

…little is known about the medium and longer-term side effects[8]  

If you go to wiki HERE and click on View History at the top of the page, then scroll down and click Oldest, that this article was first created on 17 February 2020. How fresh. You will also note that as recently as January 2020, this technology was not even deemed experimental yet. It was deemed theoretical. Wow.

So many questions. Will the Organic Vegan Non-GMO crowd boycott this biotech, which effectively turns every human who takes it into a walking GMO? I sure hate when logic gets in the way of healthcare decisions. What happens if the warp-speed rush to polish off the biotech results in some of the mRNA sequencing being off, by just a little? I keep thinking of poor Jeff Goldblum in The Fly.

I also keep thinking of all the fruitless decades of trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine, with countless mice, cats, and kids who died in the trials. You didn’t know about that? Yes, the problem is that these “vaccines” have a tendency to enhance uptake of the pathogen. This effect is called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), and I posted a long annotated explanation of this problem HERE. Bottom line, this is the reason why there has never been any sort of coronavirus vaccine. But somehow they found one in ten months?

What about pregnancy, lactation, and the long-term fertility of genetically modified mommies? Ohhh… they don’t want to go there. You want to know how mRNA biotech might interfere with a developing baby, a breastfeeding baby, or mom’s chances of ever getting pregnant again? Too bad, since they purposely avoided trialing any of that, not even in mice. No need to disappear the evidence if no evidence was produced. Then when Pfizer got the UK approval, they issued TEN PAGES of splaining, warnings, disclaimers, etc. HERE

Bill Gates is on video explaining that he wants to reduce world population by 90%, but I’m the crackpot for suggesting that a vaccine that operates via synthetic genetics might pose fertility risks. Yup.

Please start explaining this stuff to friends and family.

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    1. This is just not how your immune system works, and they clearly operate in the lab with a very different understanding of viral science !!

      It’s nonsense on its face – how could it be necessary to have specific immunity to each specific so called ‘virus’, when they tell us in the same breath there are TRILLIONS OF THEM.

      You don’t need a different broom for every type of dirt, and you don’t add metal shavings to your engine oil to give it ‘immunity’ from metal shavings !!

      The genome mapping methodology is a TOTAL FRAUD, with no confirmatory stage nor pure isolate.

      It’s all hypothesis and conjecture being treated as medical fact, and it does NOT have any precedent or previous finite proof of these assumptions !!


      WAKE UP.


      1. Comment by “Just a Man” on December 9, 2020 at 6:46 pm

        I too have watched this situation very carefully, and I have written many articles and produced several videos to explain the situation to people who have been manipulated through lies and fear.

        I have also watched how the Police, the Alphabets, Politicians, and the Courts have relished the power and unrestrained control over the population this ‘virus’ has afforded them.

        I have seen in Australia, the UK, and Spain in particular the absolute enthusiasm the Police have demonstrated for indulging in thuggish violence against peaceful people, or using force to close businesses, writing punitive fines, and forcing their way into peoples homes to arrest old people and pregnant women for exercising their rights to free speech on the internet.

        I have seen societies divided down to the family level – those who hang on every word the so called elite say, and those who see the lies, the false science, and the step by step sleepwalk into crushing tyranny.

        In many countries around the world I see pressure building. I see anger building. I see people now openly talking about arresting the elites and restoring true democracy and freedoms and rights.

        However, those of us who understand these things know that peaceful protest is only going to get met with state sanctioned violence – potentially crushing violence against the people.
        Those of us who understand know, that once that happens there can only be one response, and the consequences of that response will have massive consequences for everyone – including the so called elite.

        In their arrogance the so called elite believe they are protected by the thugs they have paid for and protected behind the laws they wrote (and the judges they have bought), however, they forget that we see them. We know who they are, we know where they have their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th homes, and where their floating palaces are docked.

        When this blows, and it will – my Solzhenitsyn like line in the sand is forced vaccination – when this blows the elite will have no where to hide from the millions of angry people who’s lives they have destroyed.

        I think the elite recognize their time is now short, and that if they do not get whatever the hell is inside us this ‘vaccine’ inside our bodies now, they will be set back years, perhaps generations in their Luciferian plan of ‘great works’ to destroy and then ‘build back better’.

        This rush with their evil brew of RNA, nano-particles, and who knows what else – and the desperation to get inside as many people as soon as possible has woken up more people than any article anyone could ever write.

        Once the mandates start and force is used against the people to give the evil brew, or crush protests – then it starts. Once it starts it will not end until one side is completely crushed. There will be no surrender by either side on this one because its game over for ever who looses this coming war.

        May God bless you all who choose to fight the great evil that has overtaken the entire World at this time.

        [Comment from, “Is The Globalist “Reset” Failing? The Elites May Have Overplayed Their Hand”]

    2. Tested by a virus test (PCR) that never has been medically approved for virus testing, only for laboratory tests to see if a virus “could be” present in a culture. A test that positively identifies all coronaviruses including the common cold. A test where thresholds have been set so high that a kangaroo and a cucumber have tested positive for “The Covid”. Why the PCR test? Maybe because the virus doesn’t exist.

    3. The people who do not want to use the vaccines and would rather get the infection and infect their own family and friends and potentially suffer from “long haul” COVID are free to do so. And all the people who hate the pharmaceutical industry should be free not to use the antibiotics, antihypertensive, anticholesterol agents, vaccines and treatments invented in the last 200 years that have added an average of 50 years to the average human lifespan – they can live “naturally” and go back to the average human lifespan before modern medicine (about mid-20s in most places) and the world will soon be rid of them – perhaps they can be awarded posthumous Darwin Prizes. I also think that people who do not want to use seatbelts and are willing to bear the consequences of being in an accident without doing so should be free to do so. And people who think it is unmanly to go skydiving and have a reserve chute are equally free to do so. And people who think it unmanly to use a safety on their pistol and instead tuck it in the front of their pants and occasionally remove important body parts inadvertently should also be fee to do so. It is a free country. You make your decisions and you live with the consequences.

      But the reality, as someone who actually understands how the vaccine works is (1) this is a new technology for vaccine production which makes it faster and easier to make new vaccines quickly (that is a good thing), (2) the mRNA supplied briefly produces spike protein to induce an immune response by your acquired immune system (which is how all vaccines work since Jenner invented the smallpox vaccine in 1798 and put mankind on the road to exterminating smallpox, one of the deadliest killers in the history of man, (3)

      1. Thinker Prime says: “You make your decisions and you live with the consequences.”

        That may be true for me, and true for you as well — but it is NOT true for the pharmaceutical companies, at least not here in the US and I think in the UK as well. The vaccine manufacturers have no liability for their products; they are specifically exempt from “living with the consequences”. If a million people were to suffer horrendous side effects up to and including death, the pharmaceutical companies would pay (ready for it?) — ZERO.

        Why on earth would a responsible company demand that they NOT beheld legally responsible for what their products do? Kinda makes you go “hmmmmm…”

  1. …”Canada has signed a deal with Pfizer and BioNTech to pre-order 20 million doses”…


    Coming at us like a runaway freight train. I have put a penny on the tracks and there will be a derailment!

    They keep telling us about a “dark winter”, and Fraudci even repeated again this warning the past few days. Simply evil stuff coming steady, everyday, no let up. But in the end God will prevail, with our help and infusion of virtue in us from Him. We are ready here in our location. Thank you for having us here at this time in history, Lord.

  2. I’m pretty sure the reason they’re going with RNA vaccines instead of traditional vaccines is because they don’t actually have a dead Covid19 virus. Because it’s not been fully genetically decoded. Because if likely doesn’t exist.

    So you’re just being infected with something that is secondary to the primary goal: sterility and tracking.

    1. It was reported that China published the full genetic code in February. Technically they would only need the sequence of the spike protein to develop the mRNA biotech. But it could also be a bio-weapon.

      1. My understanding is that the Chinese only had pieces of a dead virus, and used computer modeling to fill in the “blanks”. That was how they got the supposed virus code without an actual virus being isolated.

    2. The mRNA approach is a clever, efficient, faster way to make some kinds of vaccines. The startup and manufacturing times for old technology viruses grown in eggs is much longer. Cut months off the development time. But for people who prefer that kind of Old School vaccine, I think the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine is made that way. Each method has its advantages. The Pfizer/Moderna/Sputnik V mRNA vaccines are more narrowly targeted and may be rendered ineffective by a future mutation in the spike protein. The Old School vaccines deliver more targets, excite a more broad based response likely more resistant to mutation but because they deliver a lot more protein targets, some of which may incite reaction against human tissues, they have a higher risk of autoimmune diseases like Guillain Barre or transverse myelitis – rare disorders usually (1/30,000 is a general estimate) but bad for the person it happens to – then again more people would have died from COVID than would have experienced and lived through that adverse event so there is that 🙂

      1. “ The mRNA approach is a clever, efficient, faster way to make some kinds of vaccines.”

        It is also a blueprint for an endless money stream – with corporations secretly releasing designer diseases so they can “save us from the threat” – just as has happened with the computer antivirus industry.

  3. Because women produce a spike protein in order to create a placenta to contain a baby, and this jab causes the body to attack spike protein, there is no way to know what effect this may have on women who become pregnant, either at the time of the jab or way down the road. There is no way to know the effect on the female body. They are recommending women not become pregnant within I think, two months of the jab, but that’s arbitrary. They have no idea. And what happens when they do? And spike protein is also present when men create sperm, so it is potentially a long-lasting contraceptive of sorts for women and men.
    There were reportedly severe reactions to the jab, but unless over 800-something people had the same severe reaction, they didn’t report it. So there might have been 799 people who got so ill they went to ER’s, etc., but you won’t hear about them because it wasn’t the 800 person minimum. And reportedly, there were severe reactions. It also leaves you potentially sensitive to the Polyethylene glycol, so that you may have an anaphylactic reaction to vaccines down the road. It also may cause a severe immune response to the virus “in the wild”, because that’s what happened to cats when they tested Coronavirus vaccines previously, on them. They all did well after the vaccine, but ALL died from the virus “in the wild” due to a severe immune response. I want to say I am not a medical person, but only read this info in other reports. We have every reason to be cautious, and I am informing my loved ones about this.
    Thank you for this good info.

    1. The placenta aspect – without any review or clue by those vaccine developers – was raised some days ago by a British and a German doctor. Might affect women in a big way. Today there were some reports that the vaccines applied in Britain appear to have significant side effects – looks like some additional research is needed before this can be done safely.

  4. I urge readers to search for Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association, among the first to blow whistle on sterilisation of women caused by Gates / WHO tetanus vaccines around 2014.

    Various “traditional” vaccines produced after 1987/8 US removal of liability for vaccine injury have caused widespread sterilisation, miscarriages and/or birth defects in Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Philippines and Tanzania.

    It seems in fact that the only immunity related to new vaccines since about 1987/8 has been of vaccine manufacturers from prosecution.

    By far the best layman’s resource on vaccine safety in general is https://jbhandleyblog.com which also has excellent arguments against the insanity of lockdowns. For example, the fact that 12 men in an Antarctic base, isolated over 1,000 miles / 1,600 kilometers from the next nearest humans, caught various coronavirus and rhinovirus infections after over 17 weeks of complete isolation after their last supply plane left base.

    And regarding mRNA vaccines, Dr Igor Shepherd, a US citizen and formerly a Soviet Russian researcher into biological weapons, explains how the US mRNA vaccines have their origins in Soviet Russian bioweapons of the 1970’s in this video https://youtu.be/4GMbc3GrTG8 .

  5. One small correction–the cell is not transformed to be a piece of the virus (“The previously healthy human cell will now be transformed into a fragment of the actual virus.”), but rather to produce a small piece of the viral protein and display it for the immune system to react to as long as the injected mRNA is still around an intact. You make great points about the rotten things going on, but having that one technical statement not said in an accurate way leaves space for people on the other side of the argument to jump all over you. God bless you for speaking up.

  6. So the guy who can’t even get a completely man made computer operating system to function properly is going to inject you with his frankenstein mRNA “software” into a completely organic system which we barely understand (our human body) and we are supposed to trust him?

    This is what we like to call a “hard pass.”

  7. thank you for this article. just reading what the primary mechanism is I can now say my answer is “no, I’m not going to take it”, come what may.

  8. How about DNA vaccines such as the Inovio INO 4800? I’m told it’s completely safe and has a different structure that RNA based vaccines

  9. A vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it . . .

  10. I have a concern that these RNA vaccine platforms will be used to shorten our telomeres as a way of incrementally reducing the lengths of our lives in an almost imperceptible way.

    So, what is a telomere? 
    “Telomeres get shorter each time a cell copies itself, but the important DNA stays intact. Eventually, telomeres get too short to do their job, causing our cells to age and stop functioning properly. Therefore, telomeres act as the aging clock in every cell.

    Counteracting the telomere shrinking process is the enzyme, telomerase, that uniquely holds the key to delaying or even reversing the cellular aging process.”

    I realize there is no support for my concern other than my skepticism about this RNA platform for vaccines being pushed by advocates of reducing the population of the planet.  These RNA ‘vaccines’ are unlike all other vaccines. They are not produced from fragments of the actual virus.
    Here is an explanation of the RNA “vaccine”

    How does this mRNA vaccine work?
    “A key characteristic of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes the illness COVID-19, are spike proteins. It’s these spike proteins that penetrate and infect healthy cells in the body.

    Human cells do not have spike proteins but can still read them when penetrated and infected.
    The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein was first genetically mapped in February 2020.

    How this vaccine triggers an immune system response and protects against the virus is its usage of the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA to trigger the growth of its spike proteins on human cells — only the spike proteins and no other portions of SARS-CoV-2.

    The immune system responds defensively by removing the spike proteins, remembering how to recognize and remove SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins.

    Once vaccinated, should a person become exposed to the coronavirus, the immune system can respond by removing the spike proteins from SARS-CoV-2, not allowing it to replicate itself by infecting healthy cells.”


    I have no evidence that they are planning to affect the enzymes that control the copying/reproduction of telomeres under the guise of protecting us from a virus that kills almost none of us…

    I know only that they are aware of studies being conducted around the world to use the telomeraze enzyme to reduce the rate of failed telomere reproduction in an attempt to slow the aging process. These people do not want us to live longer, as Henry Kissinger once said, we are “useless eaters”.

    I suggest that those people who are in charge probably recognize the reverse could theoretically be true…under the guise of a vaccine for a disease that kills less than 1/10th of the public under age 70, they are desperate to get us to take these untried new forms of vaccine to affect the enzyme that controls the reproduction of our telomeres and by so doing, decrease our individual lifespan….to “save the planet”. 

  11. I agree with all that you said. I gave up on big pharma drugs in 1982 and never take anything. I have broken my back, my leg, my hand and my cookware poisoned my liver and took only vitamins, minerals and herbs. I know increasing zinc in yout bloodstream and wearing a copper wristband will create an electrical field and kill viruses in your blood 24/7. I hope we can survive the madness that is coming!

  12. Has anyone even seen the zombie apocalypse movies and heard about the preppers? Those crazies may have been right. This vaccine could cause a new DNA result monster.

  13. A lot of fear here. A few things: 1. mRNA vaccines are not the only type of COVID-19 vaccine that has been developed. The speed of development is arguably one of the strengths of mRNA vaccines. 2. As far as I know, mRNA does not modify DNA. Cells take mRNA and make proteins from it, it’s the “memo” or work instructions sent by DNA to a cell’s protein factories. 3. The mRNA vaccines have been given to thousands of people already. That’s what phase 3 clinical trials involve.

    mRNA vaccines are new, and biology is complicated. We don’t know for sure what the long-terms effects might be, because the mRNA vaccines haven’t been in use long-term. Personally, I’m relatively okay with shoulder that risk, I think. If you’re not sure, maybe ask your doctor or a nurse-practitioner what their opinion is?

    1. Correct, mRNA cannot modify DNA; that would be backwards. But what this is doing is having the human mRNA replaced, so to speak, with the synthetic, which in turn generates the spike protein. I have a more detailed expert commentary being posted tomorrow.

      1. “what this is doing is having the human mRNA replaced, so to speak, with the synthetic”

        the term you’re looking for here is “override”. it may not be replacing dna itself, but it’s overriding its effects. no thanks.

        “lot of fear here”

        gee, ya think? you’ve got a wanna-be god talking about genociding half the planet for its own good who’s pushing a vaccine for everybody for their own good – what could possibly be wrong here?

  14. I had an Uncle who passed from MS. He was an engineer but with the disease became very interested in viruses and RNA. He was convinced that viruses altered the replication of cells of which nerve cells were especially susceptible. The theory being that after a while the altered cells reached a critical mass in which the body recognizes them as foreign, hence, auto immune disease. There seems to be correlation between antiviral vaccines and auto immune disease, which would track with his theory. There is always a flip side to every remedy and the covid vaccination will be no exception.

  15. The risks of the vaccine outweigh the virus. Which is 99…whatever survivable. Its not like this us the Black Plague wiping out 30 million people and whole towns of people of all ages are dying from it. No thank you.

  16. If the vaccine induces a response to the virus; the virus its self would induce a response to the virus. If immune compromised people take the vaccine how would they fight off the spike proteins that the vaccine makes their cells replicate? If they cannot do so I would think it would make them sick and then who knows. Also; at what point does the body stop making the spike protein? Is it possible that it could cause too many replications of the spike protein in a continual replication process?

  17. If anyone has a spare 3 minutes, can I ask that they please hop online and sign this anti-covid-vax Australian petition? We in Australia would truly appreciate some international support. The situation here with lockdowns and police brutality is grim and all alternative news has been shut down or censored.


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