“How to Survive the Coming WAR”

Podcast below cross-posted with permission of Dr. Ed Mazza. Spoiler alert: PRAY THE ROSARY EVERY DAY

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Church History: St. Francis (AD 1217) to Our Lady of Fatima (AD 1917)

1/12/21                St. Francis & St. Clare of Assisi, Dante

1/19/21                Trial of Templars, Avignon Papacy, St. Catherine of Siena

1/26/21                Multiple “Popes,” Jan Huss, Borgia Pope Alexander VI

2/2/21                  Martin Luther’s “Reformation”

2/9/21                  Zwingli, Calvin, Anabaptist “Reformers”

2/16/21                St. Ignatius of Loyola & St. Teresa of Avila

2/23/21               Council of Trent & Battle of Lepanto

3/2/21                  Spanish Inquisition, Jesuit Missions

3/9/21                  Wars of Religion & Politics

3/16/21                 St. Margaret Mary & Sacred Heart vs Jansenist France

3/23/21                19th Century Popes: Church & State

3/30/21                Our Lady of Miraculous Medal, La Salette, Lourdes

4/6/21                   Russian Revolution

4/13/21                 Our Lady of Fatima

World History: Black Death (1300s) to World War I (1900s)

1/13/21                Late Middle Ages: Black Death, Ockham, Marsilius of Padua

1/20/21                Late Middle Ages: St. Joan of Arc, Ottoman Turks, Isabella of Castille

1/27/21                Renaissance: Medici Florence, Brunelleschi’s Dome, Botticelli & Savonarola

2/3/21                  Renaissance: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael

2/10/21                New World: Columbus, Aztecs & Our Lady of Guadalupe

2/17/21                Reformation: Henry VIII, St. Thomas More, Elizabeth I

2/24/21               Counter Reformation: St. Francis Xavier, India & Japan

3/3/21                  Baroque: St. Robert Bellarmine, Galileo, Bernini

3/10/21                Enlightenment: Descartes, Locke, Jefferson

3/17/21                French Revolution & Napoleon

3/24/21               Industrial Revolution

3/31/21                Marxism & Darwinism

4/7/21                  Nationalism & Colonialism

4/14/21                World War I


We now return to our regular programming…

How to Survive the Coming WAR


1) Wars and Rumors of War: 30 years since Gulf War, 75 years since Hiroshima

2) How the Rosary saved priests in 1945 during Atomic blast at Hiroshima

3) How the Rosary saved Austria in 1955 from Marxist take-over

4) What you don’t know about St. Dominic


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    1. Have you looked at tuition lately? This is a steal at this price, and it’s Dr. Mazza’s only source of income at the moment. He was fired from his job for being Catholic. How about a little fraternal charity?

  1. I haven’t worked in 7 years. I broke my back, and in the recovery became middle aged and unemployable.I owe 200,000 dollars in student loans that I was told I would easily pay back because of my degree and all the fabulous work opportunities. I’m 45.

    I don’t have the money. I feel bad for this guy, but there are people worse off. I’m one of them. People are hurting out there. Charity is great. We all need some, FYI.

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