“Cause of death has yet to be determined:” Philly priest dies during Moderna “vaccine” trial

Across the transom, along with the comment: “These days, it’s not like 70 year old men just drop dead”…

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him, amen.

On Aug. 31, 2020, Father John Fields received his first injection in the vaccine trials for Moderna Inc.’s COVID-19 vaccine as part of a study group at the University of Pennsylvania.

PHILADELPHIA (CNS) — Father John Fields, an archpriest of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia, who was communication director for the archeparchy, died at his home Nov. 28. He was 70.

The cause of death has yet to be determined, according to an announcement from the archeparchy.

Father Fields had volunteered to participate in the third and final phase of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine trial.

In a Nov. 17 interview with Catholic News Service, he said he felt no ill effects from injections he received during the trials in late August and early October. When he received an invitation to volunteer for this from the University of Pennsylvania Aug. 28, he told CNS, he said “yes” immediately.

“I did not hesitate. For me, it was a go. I just hoped I would be accepted,” he said, adding that he had no concern about the risks. “I thought it was a win-win situation.”

By being in the study, he felt he might be able to “contribute in some small way to the development of an effective vaccine that would help stop this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the fear, suffering and death that it has already caused to millions and end the shutdowns and help restore society once again to a normal lifestyle.”


4 thoughts on ““Cause of death has yet to be determined:” Philly priest dies during Moderna “vaccine” trial”

  1. Sometimes determining the cause of death is easy, sometimes it isn’t. For instance, if a guy falls off of a ten story building and lands on his head, witnesses actually saw it happen, and the condition of the poor fellows body corroborates the tale, then the cause of death is easy: COVID.

    The difference is this: If you want to GENERATE panic over a virus, everywhere you look is the virus. If you want to SUPPRESS panic over a “vaccine” so that people won’t be afraid to take it, then there mustn’t be a single solitary case of it causing some unwanted, non-minor side effect like, I don’t know: death.

    It’s all quite complicated and best left to “health care professionals” and assorted “experts.” In simpler times, though, the whole business could easily be understood and described by anybody on the street with a single word: lying.

    1. One of the most idiotic of the many idiotic modern sensibilities is that everything has to be determined by “experts” rather than using one’s own good sense. This is of course non-sense.

      Mind you most people’s sense is not that good, and prone to be wrong about a great many things – especially when people care much for feelings but little for truth. But the sense of people who would like to boss other people around, and be considered “experts” by many, is worse still. And worst of all most “experts” think their “expertise” in one particular field entitles them to comment and rule on ALL fields.

      With both people and experts being useless, the only recourse is to look at history – especially the living history that is tradition – and find what HAS worked for people in the past, what HAS NOT worked for people in the past, WHY it has or has not worked – because of universal principle or particular condition – and find out what, if anything, is trustworthy. And the only tradition we find that is trustworthy, salutary, and not just fit for humans, but in fact is truly humane, just so happens to be…

      What I am getting around to saying is that the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men. Which is why it took me three paragraphs to say so and God half of one sentence.

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