Truth or Consequences

Well said, but…

Joe Biden COULD become Catholic, and we should be praying for his conversion. If you’ve never tried praying for your enemies, you really should, and you will be strengthened .

However, Bruce Jenner can NEVER be a woman. The trans lie is the lie of our time. He needs our prayers too.

Truth, or consequences.

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  1. Saturday, Nov. 14th, A. D. 2020
    New York, New York

    Hold to Truth! There are three bigger lies, however, Doc. They seem to be in the air we breath. The Big Lies of the Day, I’d say.

    The Big Lie 1. Corona-Doom. The Big Lie 2. Biden Won. And, The Big Lie 3: Bergoglio’s the pope.

    Of the three Big Lies of the day, the Corona-doom Lie is designed to kill the body. See A. Barnhardt today, for example, where England is mandating no medical treatment for folks over 70.

    The Big Lie 3. is designed to kill the soul.

    False pope Francis aims to lead souls to Hell, and his entire antipapacy and all his actions to destroy the priesthood, the sacraments, sanctifying grace, true worship, and the Church Herself, become fully intelligible only through that lens. The teleology of Francis and his antipapacy must be examined.

    What he would do to China, for example (murder the Church by the hands of the CCP for those who are not paying attention), he would do to us all.

    What he would do to the victims of McCarrick–leave them to McCarrick all over again as his 2013 rehabilitation, restoration to power, and re-infliction of that soulmurderer shows–he would do to us all.

    And Bergoglio knows McCarrick well. They are birds of a feather. In 2013, post-coup, Bergoglio greeted McCarrick–who played a role in overthrowing Benedict and electing Bergoglio–saying: “Perhaps the devil does not have your accommodations ready yet.” And the following year in the Holy Land at a ‘chance’ meeting: “The bad ones: they never die.”

    Bergoglio knows–and at all relevant times in the pederasty crisis in the Church, knew–exactly who McCarrick is. That’s the Big Lie of the McCarrick Report, by the way: Francis knew nothing. Ha.

    Like Biden and I suppose Jenner, Francis too can become Catholic, i. e. convert and become good. But that still wouldn’t make him pope. (Nor Bruce a woman.)

    Big Lie 2, Biden Won, would impose Big Lies 1 & 3 on us all. Notice how nicely Bergoglio & Biden (& McCarrick before cashiered as a liabilty) play together.

    Immaculate Heart, please pray for us seemingly lost and abandoned sheep. Against the powers of this world. Deliver us from these demons in human form, and the demons behind them.

    Most of all we hold to Truth: Christ Himself. Pray for His Vicar on earth, Holy Father Benedict. And pray the Rosary to our Lady, so we may see the day of her triumph:

    “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.”

    C. P. Benischek

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