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  1. They have started this nonsense again in several states including my own. Just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I think. As if their travel restrictions in place don’t already make it hard / impossible for faraway loved ones to see each other. “Stay safe. Stay indoors, yada yada yada” Our governor claims he has science on his side. His latest thing is to limit get-togethers in Private Residences to no more than 10 people. How are they going to enforce that other than snitches, etc? The police have better things to do.
    They are closing their net and showing us their hands. I just wish more people would wake up rather than drink the Kool-aid.
    May God have mercy on us all.

  2. I’m happy to say that I don’t think anyone is listening to Evers anymore. Life is going on as it was before this latest lame attempt to scare us. Now if everyone would just do the same regarding face diapers!

  3. Dear God, in your mercy please destroy this nation as it currently exists and turn us into a nation, liberated from freemasonry and it’s rotten fruits, into a nation worthy of the promises of Christ. Our Lady of Guadeloupe, patroness of the Americas and patroness of the unborn, pray for us. St. Michael pray for us. Sts. John Newman and Katherine Drexel, pray for us.

  4. Ann Barney nail it again! The 1956 Biderman report on Communist Brainwashing. It lines up point for point pretty well with the Communist Covid-19 brainwashing scheme.

    1. Funny (and sad) that the global A.I. deletes tweets and comments that mention HER real name, eh? Many of mine are deleted as soon as I hit the comment button on YT – poof, gone! I have to copy/save to a txt file to resubmit with enough changes to get by autocensoring, these days.

  5. Covid is a serious illness and it should be taken seriously. Wear the face mask when you’re around people and just stay a few feet away if possible. Wash your hands or use sanitizer. Other than that, live LIFE. I’m in my mid-sixties, have a risk factor, but man we’ve got to live life! Younger people are doing well with it, let them live, let them to go school! Let them play sports and do what they need to do to live. Older folks may choose to be more segregated, fine, and if you interact with them, you need to be super cautious, but let our economy get going and continue to roll. We should be very concerned about what this is doing to our children’s education and to the mental health of all of us. These people are going to make us all nuts if they can. Don’t let them! Every single day of this we have been out, out as often as we wanted to. We do not wear a mask outside because that is ridiculous, only in a building.
    Bottom line? We are all going to die. Yup, bet on it, we are. Our lives are in God’s hands every second. Fear what may happen to your soul more than what may happen to your body. We only die once! Salvation is eternal. Our church has picked up it’s skirts and run away, but let me tell you, trust in God, not in governments. Use common sense. No matter what happens, live life like a human being, not in fear but in peace. God will care for you, one way or another. Living in fear is not living! Kick these control freaks to the curb. They are taking advantage of fear to take away our civil and human rights. We must not let them. At some point we may have to practice civil disobedience and go out without masks even though (gasp) the government orders us not to. Are you kidding? Our face belongs to us, there is no data that says any such thing is indicated. Don’t be sheep! Government is OF the people and BY the people and FOR the people. We don’t work for them! They work for US, at our behest. Man up America.

    1. I’m a retired microbiologist. NOTHING has changed from a year ago except the Luciferian globalists’ mind control tactics, level of ‘fear porn’, intrusion into private lives, and a lot more dead people (and lost souls) than would otherwise be the case. Those people are dead mostly because of their own ignorance, sad to say. This was never about a ‘virus’ (which hasn’t even been proven to exist in any isolation studies – admitted to by the CDC’s own published documents), but about social control by evil people in large international corporations. The main reason MY behavior hasn’t changed (i.e. NEVER wearing a mask) is because it WILL cause hypercapnia in the wearer – and subsequent brain damage after as little as three minutes, when many brain cells start dying from decreased blood oxygen levels. There was never any need for us to change our behavior. It’s only about the globalist’s (Luciferians’) desire for us to change our behavior. Ann B.’s posts are 100% correct.

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