“Reality is obscured, but truth will prevail”

Consilience; the way things come together from all directions to confirm truth. Latest from Archbishop Vigano:

“It is indicative that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Planned Parenthood are both expressing their satisfaction for the presumed electoral victory of the same person. This unanimity of consensus recalls the enthusiastic support of the Masonic Lodges on the occasion of the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, which was also not free from the shadow of fraud within the Conclave and was equally desired by the deep state.

“We can thus be theologically and philosophically certain that these deceptions’ hours are numbered, because it will be enough to shine light on them to make them collapse. Light and darkness, precisely. So let us allow light to be shed on the deceptions of Biden and the Democrats, without taking even one step back: the fraud that they have plotted against President Trump and against America will not remain standing for long, nor will the worldwide fraud of Covid, the responsibility of the Chinese dictatorship, the complicity of the corrupt and traitors, and the enslavement of the deep church. Tout se tient [Everything fits together].”

Read the rest from Ed Pentin here: https://edwardpentin.co.uk/archbishop-vigano-on-us-election-reality-is-obscured-but-truth-will-prevail/

5 thoughts on ““Reality is obscured, but truth will prevail””

  1. I’m beginning to think that Vigano doesn’t think Bergoglio is the pope.
    Let us pray that when the deep state goes down, the deep church will go down with it. Oh Lord, grant us a holy, Catholic pope!

  2. His Excellency doesn’t understand the willful ignorance that I see daily regarding both issues.
    Folks that I hitherto looked upon as intelligent beings, are displaying willful ignorance. Nothing that is said or shown can pierce this wall of denial.
    I think we are in for a long dark winter. No joke.

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