Van loaded with explosives found in Philly… supplied by whom?

Neither PPD nor ATF have yet issued a statement, and this happened at 10pm last night (13 hours ago as I’m typing this. A van was “abandoned” in Logan Circle. This is not in the hood… it’s in the very heart of the city, on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

One must wonder, how many other vans, in how many other cities, are being positioned now five days before the “election?” Will explosions keep people away from the polls? Will polls and ballot boxes be burned? Who is supplying the explosives?

In this photo, you can clearly see what look like M-1000s (quarter sticks of dynamite), at the very least. Sources also said propane tanks and “torches” were inside. There have been dozens of explosions in the last three days, mostly at ATMs. There is video at the link below.

Van loaded with explosives found in Philadelphia’s Logan Circle

4 thoughts on “Van loaded with explosives found in Philly… supplied by whom?”

  1. As scary as this is, it should surprise no one here in Philly. When you have a weak, effeminate mayor (Jim Kenney) who bows in submission to violent protesters, along with a demonic, cop-hating district attorney (Larry Krasner), terrorism is inevitable. Praise God this van was discovered in time.

  2. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us. May the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart come quickly.

    Jesus, save us.
    Mary, pray for us.
    St. Joseph, pray for us.

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