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  1. The devil has ramped up his hate machine with another police-shoots-black man incident. (gee, the guy was only coming at them with a knife). Been a couple weeks I guess.

  2. A short essay on anarchy and tyrrany.

    Humans are self-organizing and self-assembling. Anarchy is anathema to humans; it is a result of a lack of social order, usually from a breakdown of social order.

    Anarchy is ruthless Darwinian competition. It is the natural end-state of the doctrine of natural selection. The strong survive, the weak and unlucky perish. It is inhumane and anti-human.

    When the fires of anarchy have burnt out – starved from lack of fuel, or smothered from without – the empty space that is left is quickly filled by new humans building a new human order. Humans naturally congregate and assemble in communities. These communities will naturally, both officially and unofficially, select from among their own people leaders. At this stage, the natural choice of the people will be the natural leaders; the best men of the community, demonstrably courageous and charismatic, and if not wise then at least willing to listen to wisdom. The community flourishes under the direction of these ‘optimates’.

    As time goes by, communities will be faced with perils they cannot face alone. They will either rise to face these perils, or perish and be consumed. The communities that survive are the ones who have banded together with their neighbors; the ‘optimates’ of each congregating together and leading their communities through the storm that faces them. But when the storm passes, if these communities survive, they do so not as separate enclaves but as a single nation… a nation, led by its ‘optimates’, that will continue to grow until it finds its maximum potential.

    And here are the seeds of downfall that man sows for himself. The ‘optimates’, naturally seeing each other as more akin to themselves even then their own communities, will congregate together in their own social circles even as they build their new nation, and the new levers of power within that nation. They will naturally begin to divorce themselves from the people from whom they came, from the ‘plebs’, in favor of their group identity as a part of the ‘optimates’.

    And to be fair, the ‘optimates’ have far more in common with each other than with the ‘plebs’ – the leadership potential, the courage, even the intelligence which so often pass through certain family lines in greater or lesser degree. This is especially true as the wise leadership and stalwart defense of the original ‘optimates’ build a nation in which the ‘plebs’ can live without facing every season or even every month as a trial for which the prize is survival and the penalty death. As the dangers become fewer, so too do the ranks of the ‘plebs’ swell with the wastrels, the cowards, and the idiots, who in previous times would have been by necessity cast from the community or destroyed.

    For so long as the ranks of the ‘optimates’ are not closed, for so long as the cream of the ‘plebs’ can rise to the top and the worst of the best be cast from their unearned positions, things will go along smoothly, if less well than in the beginning. There is still a bridge between the ‘optimates’ and the ‘plebs’ they shepherd.

    But concupiscence is the heritage of man. Entropy always increases. Death is the end of every road. What happens when the ‘optimates’ grow corrupt, divorced from the duties for which were first selected? What happens when the ranks of the ‘optimates’ finally close to ascent from the ‘plebs’, and the ‘optimates’ finally start considering themselves, by default, the better men, regardless of the qualities and choices which originally earned their patriarchs that title?

    Ironically, the author of tyranny is never the tyrant. Tyranny always begins with the corruption of the ‘optimates’, who begin to lean ever harder on the levers of power their forefathers built to keep the power they are now abusing. Abuse begets more abuse; increasingly, acts by the ‘optimates’ are not crimes, and any act by a ‘pleb’ can be a crime, so long as that act is an offense against the ‘optimates’. There is ‘a law for me and a law for thee’. And, of course, since the ‘plebs’ are not really people, or at least not the people that matter, no offense against a ‘pleb’ can be a crime.

    This corruption does not break out all at once, of course. It proceeds gradually, slowly, over long periods of time. Something that would be considered a crime in one’s grandfathers’ day, even unthinkable, becomes the permitted, then the common. Duties and beliefs are permitted to slip, then are only given lip service, then are discarded entirely.

    Society begins to break down into anarchy.

    For some societies, this is the end; anarchy awaits. For some societies, there is a brief revival, then the decline continues. For a few, a very few societies – there is a renaissance.

    The ‘optimates’ power is bound up in their organization, the organization that was built by their forefathers. Therefore, as their tyranny becomes ever greater, they must at all cost keep the ‘plebs’ divided, disorganized, deprived of power and deprived of the cross-communication and organization that could lead to them gaining real power. Alternative sources of power, communities that are not built around the levers the ‘optimates’ control – these are anathema. They must be at all costs either co-opted or utterly eradicated. And this must be done while keeping the ‘plebs’ from outright anarchy, the anarchy that will destroy the structures of power upon which the ‘optimates’ depend.

    There is exactly one thing that can break the ‘optimates’ power, and that is a Princeps.

    A Princeps is a defector from the ‘optimates’. He is the champion of the ‘plebs’ against the ‘optimates’ – and, as their champion, wielding their long-forgotten power against the faithless hirelings who are now their shepherds. He is the champion of the old order, the traditional values and traditional society for which the ‘plebs’ long with great longing. He is a Hero striding forth from the past to bring back the golden days of yore, still remembered with fondness even if it has passed from living memory.

    There have been many Princeps, but it shocking just how many have been not merely pretending to be the champion of the whole plebis, but their champion and protector in truth. The Princeps is Cyrus, sweeping away the decadence of Babylon. He is Alexander, striding forth from his tent to conquer the world like a Homeric hero. He is Caesar, crossing the rubicon with his faithful legions. He is Charlemagne, riding forth with chivalry out of the ruin of Rome. He is Franco, faithful servant of King and Cross against the Communist. He is Trump, and he will Make America Great Again.

    The power of the Princeps is welded to the power of the ‘plebs’. He provides them with organization, structure, and, yes, inspiration. For that is the true secret of the Princeps. He inspires the ‘plebs’ to be better men, and then raises them up to be the Better Men, even as he casts down the so-called ‘optimates’ from the levers of power. Under his rule, the worst of the old order are culled, and the ‘plebs’ burst forth into a new peace, a peace they have never known in their lifetimes.

    But this is not the golden past. No man can turn back the clock. The gears and levers of power, accumulated and constructed over the long years, still remain. So do the ‘optimates’. And, remember, man, you too are mortal.

    In the end, Caesar must die.

    What is to become of the ‘plebs then? What happens when their champion falls?

    Most Princeps are like unto Alexander. For when Alexander died, so too did his dream die, his kingdom fallen into pieces. For when a Princeps dies, there will be anarchy as the ‘plebs’ roll in turmoil at the loss of their leader, their icon, their inspiration. Will the anarchy consume the state? Will the state fragment into pieces under the immense weight the Princeps no longer bears for the plebis? Will the old order rise up once more, and the ‘optimates’ control the plebis with a tyranny that is worse than the first?

    Or, will the Princeps in fact be a Caesar? More importantly, will the Caesar have an Augustus?

    The Princeps, the Caesar, is by his very nature a figure of instability, even in the name of stability. He is the demolisher of the new order in the service of the old order. He is a larger-than-life Hero, a creature from outside this world driven by an almost manic energy to accomplish his impossible goal. He is one man astride the world, against the world. Aside from the rarity of such heroes, the order of society would not survive a succession of Caesars. Caesar himself would not abide one such as he; one ubermenschen could not remain in the domain of another.

    For Caesar’s mission to be a success, Caesar cannot follow Caesar; Augustus must follow Caesar.

    Who is Augustus?

    Augustus is the Princeps, but Augustus is not Caesar. He is not possessed of Caesar’s energy and godlike charisma. He is quieter, and if not gentler then he is at least more peaceful. He is the son of the god Caesar, by birth or adoption, and the high priest of Caesar. Augustus bears forth the memory of his father, and devotes himself to his father’s ideals, or perhaps better to the idealization of his father’s goal-ideals.

    Augustus is the Pontifex Maximus. He is the great bridge-builder, and he bridges the chasm between the ‘optimates’ and the plebis. He acts as a check on the excesses of the ‘optimates’, casting down the bad among them, and raises up the best of the ‘plebs’ as did his father before him.

    And most importantly of all, Augustus creates a new power-structure that permits him to pass this office and duty down in peace to his heirs.

    Like the ‘optimates’ before them, the Princeps who inherit from the Augustus will forget their duty. A bad Princeps will leave the ‘optimates’ unchecked, and neglect his duty to the ‘plebs’. But the secret is this: by forgetting from whence they came and from where their power stems, the bad Princeps will become merely another of the ‘optimates’, and the condition will be no different than before. But a good Princeps will act as a check on the ‘optimates’, and a champion of the people – and because the Princeps is one man, indeed the first man among many, a bad Princeps cannot abuse his office in a worse manner than a bad society of ‘optimates’, whereas a good Princeps can always do good for the populace, even if only as a symbol – as did Bl. Charles of Austria.

    To speak to our current state. Our founding fathers did well to construct our government as they did. The natural habitat of the ‘optimates’ is the government, but there is an office baked-in for a Princeps; a presiding-man. And, more importantly, that office controls the bureaucracy, the levers of power therein, and the military.

    The problem which our founding fathers did not foresee, and indeed warned against, was the creation of political parties. Our present form of voting system, first-past-the-post voting, makes the existence of our two-party system almost inevitable. These parties are naturally controlled by the ‘optimates’, and only select from among their own for high office; hence we have the Washington Uniparty that has taken over our government.

    But it is vital to note that the ‘plebs’ have managed to select by vote genuinely popular candidates for President, and to a lesser extent state-governor, rather than ‘optimates’ beholden entirely to the ‘optimates’. John Kennedy, whatever his many other faults, was one such. So too was Reagan. So now, last and largest, indeed larger than life, is Trump, our Orange Man in Office.

    The question is… what next?

    Kennedy was assassinated by the ‘optimates’. Reagan almost was, and spent his last term in steadily declining health being gradually sidelined from the levers of power by the ‘optimates’, lead by his VP. Now we have reached the point where the corruption of the ‘optimates’ is so all-encompassing, so total and so depraved, that the Princeps we have elected to ‘drain the swamp’ has spent his entire term of office under unceasing attack from all of the ‘optimates’ and all of their apparatus of power on all sides.

    To be perfectly frank, the ‘democratic experiment’ has failed. We have exchanged one tyrant across an ocean for three thousand tyrants and their households, who control the government, the bureaucracy, the corporations, the media, and all the levers of power. And it seems day by day more and more certain that these, our Better Men, have all of them actively if secretly pledged themselves to the Prince of This World, our mortal enemy, in thought, oath, and deed.

    As disgusting as it is to admit this, to confess that the American Republic is at an end… we need a permanent Princeps. Now. Our earthly nation is too corrupt and the levers of power too controlled by the enemy to survive as it has for the past two and a half centuries. If our earthly nation is to continue we need an earthly prince who like our heavenly Prince who will humble the proud and lift up the lowly.

    Trump is a Caesar. But will there be an Augustus? Can there be an Augustus? Or will America’s demons be driven out only to return, and the second condition be worse than the first?

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