Gentle reminder, there won’t be any rational discourse possible

Facts, science, truth, reality… none of these things matter to these people. These things are their enemy. The only things that matter are ideology and power. They hate your rationality, and they want you dead.

8 thoughts on “Gentle reminder, there won’t be any rational discourse possible”

  1. Umm… No, Tampax. Unless a woman is born without a uterus, that would be a no.
    The irony is that some of these women who are posing as men still keep their female organs and do the most woman-exclusive thing possible: They give birth. And they call themselves “seahorse dads”. No. You’re a woman that took hormones and is pretending to be a man. The same people that promote abortion and have such a problem with women staying and home and having large families. They are completely delusional.

    1. Honestly this reminds me most of Lewis’s ‘The Last Battle’. The scenes where the Talking Animals lost the use of first their speech, then their reason always horrified me… but I can’t help but think we are seeing something very like it happening around us. Rejection of Logos with all its horrible consequences.

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