BREAKING: Trump to distribute Regeneron therapeutic to all Americans for FREE

Folks, watch this video.

Not the vax. This is a treatment. The same treatment he took.

10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trump to distribute Regeneron therapeutic to all Americans for FREE”

      1. Supposedly the Regeneron scientists described the process they used to make this antibody in July. HEK293T is the specific cell line. I have to find this citation.

        I’m not trying to be false or fake news. I hope it’s not true.
        I want to be wrong.

        Our Lady of the most Holy Rosary, pray for us

    1. Please forgive me if I misunderstood the article, but it sounds to me like the drug was tested on cell lines derived from murdered children, not made from murdered children… a precision the writer of the article does not seem to understand. It is still reprehensible but the drug is not intrinsically illicit if this is the case. And God take the soul of the poor murdered child.

    2. If only cells from an aborted child were used in the development of the drug (which is not to be called good and for which there would have been alternatives), the application is not questionable. The drug does not contain cells from a killed embryo.
      What would be important is the following: that in the future not a single child is aborted.

  1. So… treatment if you have it … not some weird vaccination … so no forced vaccinations …sounds good.

  2. …”and other things too, and that was the key”… Besides Regeneron what were the other things, what key therapy? We will still be proactive regarding our health, vitamins C, D, Zinc, and a mushroom complex. Fresh air, sunshine, sleep. Great he is fine, but we will pass on the free stuff. Take care of yourself before you need their help, you will not regret it.

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