The more you know… It’s now a moral imperative to get the flu shot “for your community”

Email from the Maricopa County health komissar:

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  1. Did you hear the one about how the flu shot makes you more receptive to cv19? Yeah. In Bergamo, Italy–for example–many people had 2 flu shots last fall. Many deaths followed this year. Our ‘safe’ older folks all are made to have the shots and no only do some still get the flu but they also will be even more susceptible to the cv19. No to flu shots. And do we trust our ‘health’ departments these days. No.

  2. 20 years ago, when my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, her doctor — one of the best MS doctors in the country — straight up asked her if and when she’d had a flu shot. When she told him she’d had one a month prior, he suggested there was a very good possibility that the shot triggered the exacerbation (which, to this day, was the worst one she’s ever had… stroke like, lasted for two weeks, absolutely horrible). Not that it caused the disease, but that she’d been living with a mild form of relapsing/remitting MS for years that was made much, much worse by the “vaccine”. He ultimately advised her — off the record, of course — to not get anymore flu shots. She hasn’t, and she hasn’t had an attack anywhere near as bad as that one in the two decades since.

    Doing a quick search, the connection is not unheard of.

    So, no… I don’t give a damn how many shaming PSAs the state throws at my family. Nobody’s putting that crap in my wife, my kids, or me ever again.

    1. I’m 51 years old and when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s: No one had autism. Dyslexia was rare. Same for ADD. Girls didn’t start obvious signs of puberty until age 12 or so. Then came the 90s and all of a sudden, vaccines were being pushed and pushed. Today, all of the aforementioned are common with children. Coincidence? I think not.

      1. I need to write about universal early onset puberty, which isn’t even acknowledged as a problem in the healthcare field. They try to explain it away because “nutrition.” Um, no. The average age of onset has dropped four years over the past century. There’s something else going on.

      2. I would blame heavy pesticide use, unhealthy factory farming practices, and heavy use of soy products as well. Heavy metal and plastics in our food and water. A LOT of what we consume contains endocrine disrupting chemicals.

        Autism is often genetic and has symptoms and issues that vary from high functioning to kids hitting their head against the wall. Some were the shy kids in school, others were the ones in special ed or categorized as mentally retarded.

        Poor parenting can be blamed for ADD in some cases. Parents give their kids too much sugar and processed junk, don’t set boundaries, and sit them in front of a tablet all day. Some ADD is moreso miswired brain activity.

      3. I don’t believe it’s ether/or. When capitalism (or whatever we’re calling the current bastardized iteration of it) becomes completely untethered to any Christian ethic or morality, it logically follows that you’re going to see a meteoric rise in unscrupulous business practices across the board, which is exactly what’s happening. Big pharma and the big food conglomerates are both being guided by the same godless spirit of the age.

    1. Gosh, don’t you rubes know anything? If we actually made vaccines that prevented people from becoming ill, we would be costing hard-working health care execut- er, professionals billions of dollars in lost wages (and other compensation)!

      It’s not a side effect, it’s a health care market stimulus! Do you even care about your health care providers and their jobs, you Nazi?

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