Folks, stay confessed

ACB got the nomination Saturday. I do have concerns about her, which I will write about when I have time.

Sunday, a sitting President defends Catholicism from the White House. I am not a Trump drunkie, but think about how amazing this is:

“We have noticed some comments in the media about my incredibly qualified nominee, Amy. The New York Times said her religion is not consistent with American values… She’s Catholic. That covers a lot of people. That’s a very disgraceful thing to say…we settled this 60 years ago with the election of John F. Kennedy…But seriously, they’re going after her Catholicism. I will stand with her, fight with her, and we will make sure that these attacks stop because … it’s unprecedented. They’re basically fighting a major religion in our country. It’s just incredible.”

NYT drops Trump’s tax records Sunday night, which, they would have had to obtain those through a criminal act, correct?

Mike Pompeo at the Vatican tomorrow, but not with Bergoglio… Vigano? Benedict?

First presidential debate tomorrow night. Will there be? What will it look like? Will John Goodman be there with his backback from Flight?

Bottom line, a lot of things converging. It was 7 October when they dropped the “Grab em by the p****” tape in 2016. So either they dropped the taxes a week early, and that’s all they’ve got, or there will be additional October Surprises. Don’t forget we have the Freemasonic Encyclical being signed in Assisi on 4 October, which is the one year anniversary of the Pachamama worshiping service in the Vatican Gardens.

Stay on your toes, stay confessed. Five weeks until the non-election.

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  1. “Idaho Police Arrest 3 at Outdoor Church Worship” – []

    Apparently, anti-First Amendment court decisions that allow anti-Catholic Mass government draconian restrictions to stay in place are “mocking God” according to Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone:

    “‘One person at a time in this great Cathedral to pray? What an insult. This is a mockery. They are mocking you, and even worse, they are mocking God,’ Cordileone said.”

    “Three separate Eucharistic processions Sept. 20 began at St. Anthony, St. Patrick, and Star of the Sea parishes, and converged at United Nations Plaza near San Francisco City Hall before proceeding to the cathedral.”

    “The archdiocese ordered banners for parishioners to carry during the processions; 100 in English, 15 in Spanish, and 5 in Chinese that read: ‘We Are Essential: Free the Mass!’” []

    In a Washington Post opinion piece, Archbishop Cordileone declared:

    “I never expected that the most basic religious freedom, the right to worship — protected so robustly in our Constitution’s First Amendment — would be unjustly repressed by an American government.” []

    It appears that Amy Coney Barrett may not agree with Archbishop Cordileone that anti-First Amendment court decisions that allow anti-Catholic Mass politicians in power to place draconian restrictions are ‘mocking God.'”

    Robert Barnes who deals in civil, criminal and constitutional law reported on Twitter that apparently Barrett is a pro-Democrat government lockdown disaster for Catholics who are demanding that their First Amendment rights be honored by judges:

    – “Barrett sided with the government on almost every civil rights case, every big employer case, every criminal case, while also siding with the government on the lockdowns, on uncompensated takings, on excusing First Amendment infringements & Fourth Amendment violations.” []

    – “Read the excellent opinion by Justices Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh & Thomas, that refutes and directly disagrees w/ the #Barrett pro-lockdown decision: “it is a mistake to take language in Jacobson as the last word on what the Constitution allows.”” []

    – “#Barrett exclaimed the benefits of Jacobson, the decision that green-lit forced vaccines & carved out an emergency exception to Constitutional protection in “public health” or “emergency” cases used to justify forced sterilizations & detention camps. Read:” []

    Moreover, is Barrett’s pro-Democrat government regime lockdown “Jacobson” decision not just “mocking God,” but paving the way for “forced sterilizations & detention camps”?

    Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  2. Expert Warns Amy Coney Barrett is a Deep State Trojan Horse Who Will Destroy Trump
    1,221 views•Sep 25, 2020





    337 subscribers
    Constitutional Attorney Robert Barnes joins The Alex Jones Show to break down how Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a deep state trojan horse and President Trump should consider appointing Judge Barbara Lagoa to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat.
    John J. Marren, Jr.
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    KellyAnn Dean
    KellyAnn Dean
    2 days ago
    There’s something about Amy’s eyes I don’t like!I don’t trust her..


    Raybo Dynomite
    Raybo Dynomite
    3 days ago
    Yep I need a Christian SCOTUS to staunchly defend not RECUSE or Renege on matters of the court where she might be biased…. Well congrats now I’m biased AGAINST You Amy



    KellyAnn Dean
    KellyAnn Dean
    2 days ago
    So why won’t TRUMP pick LAGGOA???



    1 day ago
    Facts: Amy Phony Barrett used old unconstitutional forced vaccination case to argue in favor of her Democrat governor’s unconstitutional lockdown that she allowed to continue. She stated that she does take her commie Pope’s opinion into account in her decisions. She always rules in favor of big government and all corporations. People of all political stripes should be against this dangerous deep state Trojan horse! If she is confirmed, we will be heading almost directly into the New World Order nightmare. Lagoa or Rushing were much better picks.


    1 day ago (edited)
    I’m Catholic. Lagoa sounds excellent. If she’s also ProLife, I’m all for Lagoa!

    By the way, it’s likely Francis is not pope. Benedict is likely still pope.

    Read Socci and Fr Paul Framers book on that topic.



  3. Mark,

    Teilhard de Chardin said: “Everything that rises must converge.” Well, a lot of things are converging now, but from Francis to the Communist riots to the anti-Christian Democrats, they are surely not rising. Chardin was blowing gnostic smoke, and these others have a smoky odor as well. Right, stay confessed.

  4. ACB may be siding with precedent on the circuit court in order to move things along to the supreme court for a re-decision. Let’s hope.

    1. You’re overthinking too much. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. She’s going to be a disaster….another Kennedy, Roberts, Gorsuch et al. jmarrenjr has it spot-on I fear.

      1. Hello Susan….I can’t take credit for the analysis/commentary. It comes from a September 25 edition of the Catholic Monitor. I copied Mark and neglected to include the source…I owe the Catholic Monitor a “mea culpa.”

        The link was provided to me by Father Anthony Hannon. A priest located in Canada who has established a retreat center “In Viam Pacis.” Father Hannon was responding to an email I sent his way.

        I culled the following from Father’s email. I’m certain he won’t object to my sharing.

        Jack Marren

        “The whole world is watching the US elections. As a Canadian, I sure hope President Trump is re-elected. I hope that Trump and the US government will not tolerate Communist troops on North American soil, which I think that under Trudeau, this is what is being planned. I acknowledge that the principle reason we in Canada have enjoyed our freedoms and peace is because we share this beautiful continent with the USA and her strong military capabilities, always ready to come to our rescue if needed. During the Cold War the threat was seen as mostly from the Soviet Union, but today I think it is from the Chinese Communists.

        In case you are not aware of Canadian happenings, here is something that I find quite alarming:

        I would not be surprised if the facilities being built in Surrey, British Columbia, are actually prisons for dissenters, and that the 15 by 50 mile land purchase on the Arctic Ocean in Nunavut will be, in addition to a strategic military holding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and a rich source of mining, also our equivalent of Siberia for slave labour of dissenters. For decades, real estate has been purchased by Chinese in the Vancouver area. I don’t know what percentage of properties were bought by Hong Kong citizens versus the CCP, however. All of this CCP conspiracy with the Canadian Liberal government is just conjecture on my part of course. I have no inside information to prove it.

        And we have this from Dave Cullen in Ireland, regarding The Strong Cities Network around the world, which I think is somewhat comparable to the sanctuary cities that you would be familiar with, except in these cases they are sanctuaries for Communism (please pardon some bad language within this video):

        And then there is this report, from the same Dave Cullen, of a Hong Kong settlement being prepared in Ireland, which I’m not sure whether that is being prepared for the benefit of the Hong Kong resistance in order to flee the grip of the CCP, or for the nefarious purposes of the CCP:

        God bless you John,

        Fr. Anthony Hannon
        In Viam Pacis”

  5. Yes, lots of surprises. Perhaps God has something special planned for October 13th, Our Lady of Fatima anniversary.

    And, by the way, the New York Times should update themselves on Modernist Catholic values as promoted by “Pope” Francis. They reflect New York Times values perfectly.

    1. A friend of mine reminded me yesterday (I had read this also about a year ago…can’t remember where now to save my life) that some credible Catholic visionaries have stated that this October is going to see the unleashing of hell…enough to make what we’ve been going through heretofore seem like a trip to 1950’s Disneyland. Oh, I think God has something special planned alright…buckle up, and stay confessed indeed.

      1. Thanks Susan. If God asked me about this I would say to go after the hierarchy of the Catholic Church first because of their bad behavior particularly after Vatican II. We shall see what God does which will, of course, be exactly the right thing. He may decide to do nothing and let us ‘cook our own goose’ as the world iand Church are doing now.

      2. Hi Susan. I would probe into who these Catholic visionaries are. Be leery of anyone claiming to have messages that certain things will happen on a certain date. Sacred Scriptures make it clear that events will come like a thief in the night. Credible visionaries are ones that are unexpected (Fatima, Lourdes, LaSalette) where the people have innocence, humility and do not willingly embrace the spotlight. On that note, anyone affiliated with Medjugorje, the charismatic movement, or middle-age American women with their own websites should be shunned.

      3. Trust me James, this ain’t my first rodeo….I’m a major skeptic in most things and a committed ‘show me’ person. I don’t buy into a lot, and invariably shun the Maria Divine Mercy’s of the world. I simply mention it because I’ve never, never, EVER even imagined the degree of evil we’re facing on a daily basis and the wild acceleration of said. Yes, I know we don’t know exact times, but our Lord also was very adamant about reading the signs of the times and preparing. We’re seeing enough that I believe one needs to be purposefully, accountably, and vincibly ignorant to deny that much…MUCH of end days prophecy is being fulfilled. I just think we should be very ready for what’s coming; and probably coming very soon. The left is full-blown demonic (I’m not using hyperbole or rhetoric…I mean willingly given over to satan with full malice aforethought). They want Trump out almost more than they want abortion (and that’s saying a LOT)…their hatred and their rage is off the humanly-speaking charts; we’re in a full-blown zombie apocalypse area. The fact that some people have said (a year or so ago) that this October (and end of year) is going to be hell unleashed, is simply another data point of warning to me in tandem with what I plainly see all around me. Time will tell, and I’m not betting my soul on it, but I think it’s interesting and certainly worth a ponder.

        1. Susan- Agree. -“The fact that some people have said (a year or so ago) that this October (and end of year) is going to be hell unleashed, is simply another data point of warning to me in tandem with what I plainly see all around me. Time will tell, and I’m not betting my soul on it, but I think it’s interesting and certainly worth a ponder.”

          I think it could be argued that the world wide faux pandemic results lock-downs, mandated masks, social distancing, Church closing, etc was build on lies—the devil’s stock in trade. This might well portend the beginning of the Great Chastisement. And the road ahead looks worse with all the Democrat instigated rioting and incipient anarchy just beginning. The devil appears to be in charge of the world right now.

  6. Mark,

    I’m having trouble with scruples regarding this election. I obviously do not want Biden or the Democrats to win anything, but I also do not buy the hype that surrounds Trump; Planned Parenthood spending increased under his watch and he has failed to keep his campaign promises regarding immigration. There’s also the fact that he’s too nice with the alphabet-pervert-soup crowd and feminists. Not to mention the threat that he will use his powers to force the GatesVaxx on an unwilling populace.

    Do I sin if I vote for him and he does these awful things? Do I sin if I abstain from the vote?

    1. Trump is like the use of force in self-defense: You may not like using force; but it may be your only legitimate option and is proportional to the threat faced.

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