Insightful musings on the Psychopathy 101 seminar

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Science is a preferable god because it can be controlled, ruled. With the real God they can invoke Him when He comes in handy and ignore Him when He doesn’t. They can do that with science, too. Ask ol’ Nancy about the humanity of an unborn child and see how quickly she shifts gears from “science is a gift from God” to a narrative based on “reproductive health” or “women’s rights” or any of a number of other leftist bromides. Anything but “science.”

But finding ways to use God as a sock puppet is difficult. It’s not impossible (protestantism, Bergoglianism) bit it’s not easy. Science, on the other hand? You can make it say anything you want. It is eminently corruptible. That’s why Nancy loves it so, even though she doesn’t know a thing about it.

Trouble is the left is doing to science what it has done to all the other institutions is has infested: it makes use of the trust, honor, and respect earned by the institution over time not to advance or strengthen the institution, but to advance their political agenda at the expense of the institution.

After so m any years of “science” proclaiming that Bruce Jenner is perfectly normal and healthy, people begin to realize that real science is dead, replaced by a parasitic impostor. Another once respected institution corrupted and sucked dry by the left. Look what the modernist/mason/sodomite cabal have done to the Catholic Church over the last 60 years or so. Without Divine protection they would have buried her already.

The left is incapable of building real institutions. They’re not builders. They’re users, destroyers.

As an aside, (Nancy’s) existence points to a problem I’ve been wrestling with. She’s obviously a liar as the author correctly points out. She’s also a dim bulb. Yet, she’s speaker of the house. And she’s not just a fluke. You can run down the list of many sitting representatives and senators, throw in governors as well. A system of government that all too often reaches down to the underbelly to pluck off people to install as leaders is inherently flawed. Is it universal suffrage? yes that’s part of the problem. A corrupted educational system and institutions (see above) that ditched actual education and the sound formation of young minds long ago is par of it as well. And then throw in morality inversion, which is to say completely banish actual Christian morality and substitute your own pseudo-morality with it’s own Inquisition, heresies, and excommunication via “hate speech” laws, “non-judgmentalism,” and “cancel culture.”

Salvageable? Stranger things have happened. The seeds of destruction were necessarily included in the country’s masonic origins. Even the deists who founded the country admitted that their “experiment” would only work with a moral people. They were correct of course but it is ironic given that many of them rejected the Christianity that was the foundation of the civilization they lived in and whose fruits they enjoyed.

There can be no perfect system of men. That we know. But it can be, and has been, a whole lot better than what it is and what our children and grandchildren will inherit. That’s up to us. All of us. And it begins, as all good things do, and as all worthy projects of building that have any hope of health and stability and longevity, with God Almighty, Jesus Christ, and His Catholic Church. I could go into a Fatima thing here which is not going to go away but I’ve already done that at NVP and Mark was kind enough to publish it.

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  1. Please please investigate Aleister Crowley/Madame Blavatsky’s Occultist,
    powerful and constantly used “LAW OF REVERSAL” which we do observe and suffer from on a daily… nigh hourly basis… especially via the Media – D.C.- Masonic Cabalists

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