Bluecheckmarks explain the coming war – hot war – over SCOTUS

Language throughout. Clicking each tweet and reading the thread is helpful.

As you peruse, please consider, they were intent on burning whole cities over the death of George Floyd. Outlawing police. Looting as a civil right. Celebrating the murder of MAGA and Thin Blue Line supporters. Celebrating the criminals in Kenosha (all four of them). How much worse do you think it might get if abortion is legally threatened?

Please join me in offering a Rosary today for this entire situation. May God’s will be done.

14 thoughts on “Bluecheckmarks explain the coming war – hot war – over SCOTUS”

  1. Our first Civil War happened not because of policy differences but because of something much deeper: the existential view of one side was not compatible with that of the other side:

    1)Blacks are human and equal in every way, deserving of all Constitutional protections.

    2) Blacks are less than human, unequal in some ways, and not deserving of any Constitutional protections.

    There was and is no compromise between these two world views. There is no half-way solution. Is or Is Not. Period. It was settled in blood.

    I believe Civil War is possible now, because we are at that point again in this nation and across Western Civilization.

    1) God and the civilization produced by our Judeo-Christian forefathers, seeded and cultivated by a Catholic Church with evangelistic fervor for Christ.


    2) Nihilism, anarchy and civilizational collapse under tyrants seeded and cultivated by a Catholic Church that has lost Christ and has turned instead to Karl Marx, Freidrich Nietzsche.

    These are opposites and not compatible in any way. There is no halfway between. Either one or the other will prevail.

    Politics is the art of peaceful conflict resolution. War is the art of violent conflict resolution.

    1. I see your point Aqua, though the only thing I’d point out is that the American Civil War was not over slavery or equal rights for blacks. We need to stop spreading that myth. It was about economics and State rights versus the federal government. Slavery only got involved in as much as it became one of many issues thrown at the wall to find fault with the other side. Lincoln didn’t give a damn about the slaves. He would have let slavery continue if it preserved the union, and when things went sour he only emancipated slaves in the territories he didn’t control hoping the blacks would rebel and cause a problem for the opposition’s forces. There was nothing noble about that conflict. It was about money and power. The American Experiment where State’s rights were involved ended under emperor Lincoln along with violations of rights like freedom of speech and the press to preserve ‘unity.’

      1. Johnno: don’t think it is an either or. All of that, for sure. I think you miss, however, how deep the divide over slavery was, how integral it was to conflict decades in the making.. The abolitionist movement was deeply ingrained in the evangelical North. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written in 1852. Abraham Lincoln met author Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1862 and is quoted as saying, “So this is the little lady who made this big war.”

        Slavery was integral to Southern culture and its wealth. Evangelical hatred of slavery was integral to Northern culture, its wealth was not dependent on slavery but individual Puritan work ethic. Slavery was controversial when the Constitution was written as evidenced by the “2/3” of a person compromise and writings of the Founders; slavery was discussed for abolishment during the Constitutional Convention. George Washington freed his slaves at his death, indicating his own discomfort and inner conflict.

        And then … the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 which *directly* led to and caused (ignited) the coming Civil conflict. This Act brought all the simmering tension to the practical surface: what kind of a nation would this be? As America matured and grew, was there to be a place for slaves and the slave-based economy. It was integral to the Stephen Douglas – Abraham Lincoln Debate of August 1858, one year before his election. Prior to the debate, Lincoln was a peripheral candidate from a new and peripheral Party. After the debate, which he won, Lincoln and his defense of freedom and autonomy and worth of blacks became a force that led to his election and ultimately to Fort Sumter. The South could not accept his premise – which was quite clearly and forcefully equality of all citizens regardless of color. He was hated by the South for *that* sole reason.

        So, Lincoln did give a very big damn about slaves. It was not solely about slaves, like so many things, everything gets mixed into the pot, much of it as you say surrounding economics and power. But, primarily and almost exclusively slavery and the premise of racism was at the root. *Racist slavery* and *equality under God* were the driving precedent socio-political dividers.

        We don’t get to where we are right now in 2020, over economic differences. This is a titanic spiritual conflict in which one side is fundamentally incompatible with the other side. Evidence are the quotes above over the death of the one woman who protected their satanic sacrament of death by abortion. They are going insane over spiritual issues of immense matter.

      2. I forgot to mention John Brown! A great example of the simmering conflict to come.

        John Brown: abolitionist, Calvinist, worked in the “Underground Railroad”, founder of the “League of Gileadites” which encouraged and protected escaped slaves, moved to Kansas in 1855 (1 year after the passage of the Kansas – Nebraska Act) and became part of that State’s (KS) frontier conflict over whether it would be slave or free. And, ultimately, he made his name by lighting the spark at Harper’s Ferry VA, by invading a weapons depot, ultimately defeated and killed there by one Robert E. Lee (Col USArmy).

        Amazing how the circle was completed by the end of the bloody conflict. The same Robert E. Lee (Gen CSArmy) would continue the fight but ultimately surrender to the North, his VA estate property surrendered to the conquerors to become the burial ground for all future American military war dead – Arlington Cemetary.

    2. And the bottom line:

      1: Slavery was a great evil and could only be overcome through conflict, shedding of blood, destruction of those who imposed it.

      2: Abortion is a great evil, more evil than slavery imo, and can be overcome only through conflict, destruction of the Party who impose it.

      A sin of violence as bad as abortion will not just go quietly away with political compromise, just as slavery could not be compromised away (Kansas-Nebraska Act). As the Twitter comments above of rage, anger, sorrow indicate, when grave sin is socially embraced by a segment of society, a psychosis ensues and love of that sin, hatred of those who oppose it, consumes everything else.

      Which explains the consuming social anger, their stated purpose to burn the nation to the ground If need be, over the loss of an aged, sickly, decrepit Supreme Court Justice whose sole purpose was to protect this bloody sacrament of evil. The insanity and destruction and spirit of violent revolution we see around us can ultimately be reduced to this: abortion – and whether it will endure.

      1. Evangelical hatred of slavery was integral to Northern culture, its wealth was not dependent on slavery but individual Puritan work ethic.

        Except for the wage slavery necessary for their factories, or debt slavery necessary for their financial empires.

      2. c matt: except “wage slavery” applied to all races equally. And, entry into that labor contract was truly a matter of individual choice; purchase of that debt, personal choice – without regard to race. Slavery for real is not the same as working in and remaining in a crap job by choice or just being poor because “we will always have the poor among us”.

        It is important to remember that Democrats enslaved a racial minority, which is evil – a grave sin at the personal and collective levels. Republicans freed those slaves, shed blood to free those slaves.

        BLM now says America is irredeemable due to systemic racism and oppression which must be destroyed and rebuilt from the ashes. I do not accept that premise. I grant we America is not perfect. But it’s the last place on earth we can find freedom, opportunity and liberty for all.

  2. Add these Twitter screen shots to my argument that social media does nothing but breed anger, narcissism and stupidity.

    1. Anger: Ginsburg is dead as of yesterday. Trump is the President. Threatening (and promising) to riot and “burn it all down” over a public, indicting forum like Twitter is the definition of extreme anger and…

    2. Narcissism: And who exactly are Reza Aslan, Emmet McFarlane, Laura Bassett and Beau Willimon? Are they important because they’re on Twitter? I’ve never heard of them so I will dismiss them of having any sort of importance that warrants my respect but judging from their public and documented behavior on Twitter, they possess a high volume of…

    3. Stupidity: Public threats and outright acts of terrorism have been promised by these people against elected officials, a wing of the US government and the nation at large. And, it’s all documented right on Twitter. Threats like these are federal crimes, and warrant prosecution by federal authorities.

    Let the mass arrests begin. These self-absorbed brats have already indicted themselves.

    1. James Andrew Dunn: And if Biden and his merry band of leftists successfully steal the election (they are good at this by now), these dangerous godless Marxist leftists will be at the levers of Federal power. They will be the ones proclaiming mass arrests and prosecutions, and we already know they are not constrained by the Rule Of Law. They will be the ones issuing orders to Homeland Security, DOD, USSOCM (Special Ops), DAPs (Direct Action Penetrators).

      Not just brats, IMO. These people are a clear and present danger. I would not underestimate them. More than just the faces on social media pages you refer to. The real threat are rich, powerful people who literally worship Satan … and America, America as envisioned by Donald John Trump, is the only thing standing in their way to global domination.

      I thank God for President Trump. I had no idea, when I supported Cruz and feared Trump, how tenuous the nation I served in the military against all enemies foreign and domestic had actually become.

      1. these dangerous godless Marxist leftists will be at the levers of Federal power

        Will be?!? They already are. Had they written the same things directed at minorities, the full force of the Fed would have descended upon them by now (see, e.g., the fake noose NASCAR incident, where a swarm of federal agents jumped into action). The fact these miscreants are not arrested shows that they are in control.

  3. I just finished a 5 day Ignatian retreat and this happens.

    Thank God I experienced the graces of Ignatian detachment or I’d be totally perturbed by this.

    (And yes this is totally an endorsement of Ignatian retreats–run by Trade, of course–as an aid to your spiritual development).

  4. …”Renfrew Summer says:September 6, 2020 at 7:05 am
    I gather then Mark, the Republic is long lost and the will to rectify is also gone with it. We shall pray for conversion of minds and souls. Thank you.

    Mark Docherty says:September 6, 2020 at 7:29 am
    We shall see. Soon.”…

    Right back to where we were, no? Thirteen days!

    God’s blessings to you all.

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