53 days until the election that isn’t going to happen

Not only will there be no outcome that night, nor in the days nor weeks to follow, but there will be chaos in the streets like you cannot imagine. Before we even get to this, there are monumental events about to take place before November 3rd, beginning any day now, that will pit neighbor against neighbor like the damned souls rage against one another in Hell. If you are not prepared to leave everything, have a go kit, portable food, weapons already positioned, within a two hour bug-out window, you really need to make that a priority. Barnhardt prepping podcast HERE.

The Dems Plan to Steal the Presidency

By William L. Gensert September 5, 2020

It comes as a stark and frightening realization that the Democrats are not the idiots they appear to be. Stark, because they tried to use the Steele Dossier, a folder full of ridiculous and easily debunked rumor and imaginative narrative, to at first steal an election and then, depose a president. And they are now trying to convince Americans that “law and order” Trump, who has decried the riots from the beginning and offered federal support to Democrat-run cities and states to stop them, is somehow now responsible for all the destruction and violence. It is obvious they think Americans are the stupid ones.

It is frightening because the realization comes with an understanding that the Democrats have a many-faceted plan to steal the Presidential Election, now less than two months away.

They tried everything in Trump’s first term, from the aforementioned dossier to the “phone call” impeachment. None of it worked. Then, the disease from the despicable Chinese befell America. It was a tragedy for America but a stroke of luck for Democrats.

They have used the pandemic to so frighten the nation into serial semi-permanent shutdowns intended to so immiserate Americans through the destroyed economy as to cost Trump the election. And mephitic Dems have tried to blame their intention to maintain perpetual lockdowns on Trump’s mismanagement of COVID.

The rioting was another fortuitous opportunity for Dems. With the coopting of the BLAME (Black, Latin, Antifa, and Minority Excluded) agenda as their own, they hoped to keep support for the rioting high enough to continue through the election, thereby allowing the Dems to use the rioters as stormtroopers at the polls in November to deny Trump voters their right to vote. Of course, they mistook sympathy for a cause as support for the violence and destruction and are only now coming to the epiphany that would seem to have obvious non-epiphany status to non-morons: People don’t like their lives, families, property, and livelihoods threatened by violent anarchists who will never be pleased no how much they are given.

Oh… and Americans as a group are loath to surrender to outsiders breaking and burning their stuff as they prosecute bodily harm to their loved ones. And now that the polls are turning against the rioters, it may seem idiotic that the Dems are trying to blame Trump for the riotous havoc laying waste to our cities they have fomented and excused for months, if not years.

Yet, it is all part of their plan…

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2 thoughts on “53 days until the election that isn’t going to happen”

  1. May the most majestic Holy Trinity bless and fortify the courageous Father James Altman. Now under attack from his quisling bishop,for daring to proclaim the truth about the demoncrats and their c.i.n.o acolytes. Mark, yourself and every Catholic blogger needs to stand behind such rare examples of faithful priests like Father Altman. St John Vianney pray for him.

  2. Democrat know something important about the weakness of Man. They know the public loves lies and hate the truth. They love “free stuff”, feel good movies, smiley faces, etc. They hate personal responsibility. The want to be good guys and go along to get along.. This unfortunate truth about Man is what Democrats depend on.

    Ideally, our Pope, Bishops and priests would be calling this to our attention and speaking our strongly against the Democrat agenda and denouncing and condemning those who would vote Democrat. But they too have been lost. Lost in the mealy mouth B.S. of Vatican II theology.

    Now we will all pay the price. And that price will the full expression of the Democrat agenda leading to the Great Chastisement. And we were warned about all of this by Our Lady but the Church choose not to obey her requests. Now we will all pay the price.

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