If you’re still in the N.O., get out now…

Seriously, it’s the perfect time. Find FSSP/SSPX/ICKSP. Move if you have to.

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  1. Got out! Our NO priest failed to come to our home to bless the full size Cross of Hope, overlooking the valley and two roads. Did the blessing ourselves. This was four months ago, and have not been back since they instituted booger bags, x’s and o’s, tape, and arrows! Home worshiping God thank you on Sunday.
    This will be a harsh winter for all, grandma and I feel that God is much displeased. Prepare, time is short.
    Many blessings to all in Kingdom of Christ.

  2. I’m not going to speak for the Divine Providence but I do wonder if God is allowing this coronascam to “weed out” the antichurch? No good fruits, zero, zip, have come since the Second Vatican Council. No one should be shocked or scandalized that a N.O. priest would belittle a woman with a veil in the confessional and tell her Communion on the tongue is idol worship. To say such a thing equates to a disbelief in the Real Presence. And yes, a whole lot of N.O. clergy and religious (i.e. bus nuns) DO NOT BELIEVE in the Real Presence.

    A percentage of any financial contributions you give to your N.O. parish are going to the Diocese. Even if you have a good bishop, a percentage of those funds are going to anti-Catholic organizations like the Capital Campaign for Human Development. And don’t think for a minute that additional percentages aren’t going towards hush money, rent boys, cocaine, viagra and porn subscriptions.

    So yes. Get the hell out of the N.O. now and don’t look back. The SSPX is not schismatic despite what those tools at church militant say. They, along with the FSSP and ICK have stayed open and kept the sacraments flowing while the N.O. alternatives basically folded like pansies (full pun intended).

  3. Amen. Tradition is the way to go. Us young people don’t want guitar mass. We want smells and bells. Authentic doctrine, not watered-down Catholicism. Our souls and our children’s souls depend on it. I just wish I had realized it sooner. But my kids will grow up knowing the truth from the beginning, not 20 years later like I did.

  4. Good for you Millenial Mom and God bless you and your family. I’m “first wave” post council, so to speak. When Paul VI rolled out that soul crushing mass I had just started the first grade and was still a year away from first Communion. Guitar strumming and felt banners were all I ever knew because the rest was hidden from us. Our very patrimony and birthright stolen away and buried while we frolicked on the playground unaware of the crimes being perpetrated. Bastards.

    I didn’t discover the treasures until I was in my thirties. I’m glad for families like yours and the many young families with plenty children in tow at my church. Their young ones are blessed to have the beauty and fullness of tradition from the start thanks to many folks over the decades who, with the grace of God, preserved it all.

      1. Yes. Think of the arrogance, the complete lack of humility, the faithlessness, the sheer stupidity, the evil. The author of it all being the enemy, of course. I was thinking about satan the other day and how much of a nose picking, stumbling, cross eyed, nitwit he is. King of the nitwits. I know, angelic intelligence and all the rest… He had it all as the leader of his race and a knowledge of the Almighty that far surpasses our own and not only did he throw it away, he convinced a bunch of other angelic intelligences to do the same. And they didn’t have any being tempting them and trying to trip them up as we do and as our first parents did. They were able to completely louse it up all by themselves. One of the tortures of hell has to be being surrounded by complete buffoons for all eternity. ‘Light Bearer’ my eye. With Christ and His mother as our shield, sustainer, and protector? No need to fear that goofball or any of his minions. On your guard? Yes. Fear? No.

        Anyway, I’m often amazed at watching how the Lord can take evil things and bring good fruit from it. Tradition and the authentic Church cannot be killed because it is the only thing truly alive and the source of all life for the Church militant via the Eucharist and Sacraments. Even when the enemies have made it appear to have been killed, if you pray and wait (one of my mother’s standard instructions), you will most definitely see it… Resurrect. Glorious.

        The imposter church draped over the faux grave of the eternal Church it attempted in futility to replace? Choking, gasping, sucking wind through a mask which is the perfect insignia of their worldliness, hiding who they are, and desperate attempt to hold on to existence and the veneer of legitimacy.

        I volunteer to be the guy who slaps a big “DNR” sticker over the whole stinking edifice.

  5. What about when the local NO church is full of big families, veiled women, and hardly any masks, they use patens at Communion, and the priest is learning the TLM? Should one support this, or err on the side of caution and still get out? I’m asking honestly as I’m not sure.

    1. Has it been full of big families the past six months, or has Mass been cancelled? The priest learning the TLM is great news, and once he does, he will immediately understand the shortcomings of the NO. As will you, if you attend and learn the TLM. I stayed in “High Church” for years, and I was fed and did grow, but nothing like full time TLM. My overall point with this post was to show the typical attitude, as we now see the NO in full decline.

      1. Public Mass in this diocese was suspended for one month in spring, which suspension ended with the bishops demanding the governor remove restrictions. During that time, the parish I speak of streamed daily Masses. I am not saying that wasn’t horrible, but it was better than some parts of the country. Rest assured, I am very aware of and deplore the abuses of the NO, attend the TLM around twice a month and would prefer never to do otherwise. My question is if an NO parish moving towards Tradition deserves any support.

        Also, do you think one should also avoid TLM if it’s diocesan?

        1. I’m not against supporting an NO parish moving toward Tradition. It’s more complicated than that. But the ideology that has been obliterated in the past seven years is Conservative Catholicism. The “we just need to be faithful to the true intentions of the highjacked council” crowd. To your last question, I wouldn’t avoid a diocesan TLM per se, but you don’t get the same spiritual benefit as being in a Traditional community.

      2. I certainly agree on Conservative “hermaneutic of continuity” Catholicism. I don’t intend to defend the NO Mass beyond validity. I merely wonder if there might be hope for parishes turning Traditional.

        Do you mean attendance at a diocesan TLM does not bestow as much grace as attendance at a Traditional priestly fraternity TLM, or are you talking about other spiritual benefits of community in addition to the graces received at Mass? I don’t see theologically how the former could be true.

        To change topic slightly, I would encourage the Traditional fraternities to consider expanding into rural areas. In my state, there are diocesan TLMs somewhat well distributed, but the only FSSP parish is in the midst of an urban center which many are fleeing due to months of riots. There’s no ICKSP.

        1. I was referring to the Traditional community as a whole. I started out at a twice per month diocesan TLM back when it was barely tolerated. I’m now blessed to have two Traditional communities here, and I thank God every day.

  6. I’ve been in a diocesan TLM parish for twenty years now. The new order masses are about as good as you’re going to get from what I hear. Our pastor has a fine line to walk. Both churches exist under the same roof for the time being. And both are “legitimate” for the time being. A microcosm, if you will, of the Church at large in our time. Ordinary and Extraordinary and all the rest of that foolishness that is only a sloppy attempt by the authors of imposter church to reconcile the irreconcilable.

    A priest in such a situation has a tough job. Ours bears it well in my opinion. They need our prayers.

    What’s interesting in a diocesan community that houses both is that the contrast is stark and undeniable as they are both literally under the same roof.

    The life’s blood of our parish is Jesus Christ of course but the militant life of the parish, which is to say the vibrancy, virility, and literal fertility of the parish is the TLM community. No question. In time the imposter church will be nothing more than an ugly chapter of ecclesial history.

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