Video 28 Aug 2020: RFK Jr. explains it all in 18 minutes

This needs to be aggressively shared.

Topics covered: Evolution of CDC as warmonger of “public health,” Big Pharma as quasi-governmental strike force, suspension of rule of law re vax liability and testing, real-time psychological warfare strategies rooted in Nazi Germany, weaponized fear as the primary vector of tyranny, fearful sheep not only as willing participants but as invading hoard of active combatants (esp. where children are concerned), Gates of Hell, Big Data spying techniques and technology, your phone (and so, Big Data) sees and hears everything you see and hear, Alexa/Siri, tracking/tracing/GPS, enforcement of digitized monetary system, seizing of accounts/assets/real property for non-compliance…

So yeah, it’s totally worth 18 minutes. By the way, if your long guns are exclusively chambered in 5.56, have you looked around for ammo lately? If you can find any in-stock, how do you like those prices? You might want to consider adding some 7.62/.308 options.

Virgin Most Powerful, pray for us.

7 thoughts on “Video 28 Aug 2020: RFK Jr. explains it all in 18 minutes”

  1. Great stuff. Thanks Mark for bringing this to our attention. I fogged it out to my e-mail list.
    It is a surprise to me that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is doing this. His has been a Liberal Democrat all his life and an advocate of the draconian climate change controls. I wonder what woke him up to the reality that we are being manipulated by elite globalism totalitarian forces?

  2. I was able to pick up 200 rounds of PMC 5.56 at about $.60 per round (no tax) from a dude operating out of the back of a bread truck in North Phoenix. I inquired about 7.62x54R for my Mosin, but it was over a buck a round. I’ll try to find some more Russian surplus spam cans online instead.

    1. The 7.62×54/.308 is expensive but available. 5.56 I have found at 60 cents a round, but in the last two weeks it’s very hard to find at all. 7.62×39 is still cheap and plentiful, so I’m thankful for that.

      1. I’m seeing plenty of ammo… finding a rifle is another matter (unless I want another bolt action). I had a VSKA in my hands at Sportsmans two years ago. Should’ve grabbed it.

  3. Very informative!!! Thanks for posting it!
    Wouldn’t have seen it otherwise!
    It’s all about control!
    Let’s keep praying for RFK JR reversion/conversion…while we have breath in our bodies, there’s always hope.
    Love Ann B’s advice to never trust a Kennedy, though!

  4. we need more people like these to fight evil governments with evil ideas the people are listening we are wakening up thank you

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