Video: GOP convention ends with epic Hail Mary

I’m not naive about the things that will befall us in the next two months, nor should you be. You also need to be preparing for the Hell that awaits in Nov-Dec, as the election remains contested for months and chaos reigns. The situation is a runaway train, destination 1789.

But whatever else may happen, this happened last night, and I’m entering it into the record:

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  1. Mark,
    Did President Trump realize whom he was asking for help? This was more than symbolic. The lines are so very clearly drawn. Has the Ave Maria ever been sung at another political convention in our history? Yes, we have Hell to pay in the near future, but we know the One in whom we can trust.

  2. I didn’t follow the Republican convention, but thanks to you, Mark, I just saw the final chord of this four day event. “Ave Maria” sung by Christopher Macchio confirms my line of reasoning. President Donald Trump and Melania Trump and their guests stood outside in the garden while the final aria sounded on the White House terrace. Why so? For the Most Holy Virgin Mary is the Lady of America, the real First Lady. It happened on August 27, in the commemoratio of Saint Monica. This Holy Mother prayed persistently for the conversion of her famous son Augustine. Has God listened to the persistent prayers of the Divine Mother and will indicate this among her sons, sons of the Church, who will also be known as the Lord of America?
    August 28, commemoratio of Saint Augustine

  3. When looking for the date when the USA was dedicated to Immaculate Conception, I came across this information*:
    Quote: “Archbishop Samuel Eccleston of Baltimore called the Sixth Provincial Council of the Church in America in 1846. Twenty-two bishops responded, and the Council passed as its first decree the resolution to choose Mary Immaculate as the Patroness of the United States and to make December 8 the patronal feast. In the Pastoral Letter issued by the Council, dated May 5, 1846, we read:
    “We take this occasion, brethren, to communicate to you the determination, unanimously adopted by us, to place ourselves and all entrusted to our charge throughout the United States, under the special patronage of the holy Mother of God, whose Immaculate Conception is venerated by the piety of the faithful throughout the Catholic Church. By the aid of her prayers, we entertain the confident hope that we will be strengthened to perform the arduous duties of our ministry, and that you will be enabled to practice the sublime virtues, of which her life presents the most perfect example. ” Quote end.
    On May 5, the Church commemorates the conversion of ….. Augustine, later Bishop of Hippo and Doctor of the Church.
    Who is this new Augustine that Divine First Lady of America is willing to give us?


  4. Unbelievable…utterly unbelievable. How can she possibly not smile upon this?
    I haven’t been watching the convention as we cut the TV cord many years ago, so I didn’t realize this happened…even the conservative talk radio shows I listen to didn’t mention anything about it this morning…curious. The left is absolutely apoplectic over the beauty of the past 4 day…Jake Tapper actually grew horns and fangs on camera last night…I can only imagine what hearing the Ave Maria ring out across the Mall did to them.
    Thank you for posting this….I can’t even see my keyboard clearly for the tears streaming down my face. Oh God, PLEEEEESE, protect, guard, guide, and enlighten you servant Donald by Your very Hand and thru Your very Word. Sanctify and strengthen him and his loved ones, and grant him the swift, decisive victory over Your enemies.

    1. Susan, beautifully written. Here is the thing: Latin. Most of these people wouldn’t even have known what was being sung, unless you actually know. But the demons inside them knew.

    2. The cynic and most certainly the leftist, whose only frame of reference is rigidly limited to the worldly and most especially to the political, would view this solely as a political stunt aimed at the Catholic vote, as if Catholics vote in bloc. I don’t think so.

      I don’t know the ontological nature of the Trump’s marriage but I do know that being one flesh with a genuinely Catholic feminine soul is truly a blessing that uplifts and sanctifies.

      This wonderful Ave makes me think of the involvement Melania has in all this and I don’t see that commented on really. Wives and mothers can be subtle but relentless in such things. I saw it with my own mother. St. Monica of course comes to mind.

      I don’t know of course, but I’m giving credit for the Ave Maria to Melania.

      1. Wholeheartedly agree with you. My first thought was that this was Melania’s doing, at the very least, her suggestion. Unbelievable that I didn’t hear about this on any of the multitude of conservative sites I frequent every single day, not even on Catholic sites!

  5. The last night of the RNC convention was the first I had tuned in.

    When Macchio began the Ave Maria, I felt such a sense of hope, and love for our Lady and God. I wept.

    It was a sharp contrast to the dread and oppression I felt when another individual walked out onto a different balcony in some years ago.

  6. Thank you, Mark, for this post. I had not heard about this note-worthy event……at the White House, at the conclusion of a political convention. May Our Dear Mother intercede for us all – she assured us at Fatima that it is never too late to have recourse to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

  7. Thanks Mark. I too have not watched any of the conventions, D or R. But when I read and then listened to this tears of hope were running down my face. Regardless of where Trump’s heart may or may not be….this had to please our Lord and our Lady.

    Oh, and since the newest podcast is not yet up here, I wanted to thank you again for the little snippet about how those who are persecuting us believe they are going a good….I knew this instinctively, but yet unconsciously. Thanks. It helps.

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