Maricopa County: “Yes, Nicole, car crash deaths count as Covid”

Our intrepid reporter Nicole Grigg better be careful; she is about to unwoke herself in a big way. After months of fanning the fear p*rn throughout Arizona, she’s now accidentally uncovered two super inconvenient facts, and she’s reporting on them without seeming to understand how it destroys her narrative.

First, as I wrote last week, everyone who dies in Arizona within 60 days of testing positive gets counted as dying from Covid. This is true even if Covid doesn’t even appear on the death certificate. Shocked by this, Nicole asked the Maricopa County health department to confirm the process:

“I want to reassure everyone that every single person who has COVID-19 listed anywhere on their death certificate is in fact counted,” said Dr. Rebecca Sunenshine with Maricopa County Public Health Department.

“Even if it’s not listed on their death certificate, anyone who has a COVID-19 positive test within a certain period of when they died, is also counted as a COVID-19 positive death,” she said. Maricopa County officials tell ABC15 that anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 in 60 days and dies is counted as a COVID-19 death.

Incredulous, Nicole then asked a very specific question:

ABC15 asked Maricopa County health officials about a hypothetical question — if a person dies in a car crash, and tested positive for COVID-19 within the 60 days, would they be counted as a COVID-19 death?

The response: “Yes, the death would be added to the total because for Public Health, it is important to understand who died WITH the disease even if the disease was not the CAUSE of death… 

Elsewhere in the article (link below), Nicole highlights the total “excess deaths” in AZ, which are far above the “Covid deaths,” even with the actual Covid deaths being greatly inflated:

A new report by the Arizona Public Health Association suggests there are thousands of unaccounted deaths in Arizona. The report looks at the mortality trends in 2020 over a 10-year period per 100,000 populations. The report states, “Arizona has recorded more than 7,100 more deaths in the first seven months of 2020 when compared to 2019. According to data from the Arizona Department of Health Services data dashboard, about 4,100 of these deaths have been as a direct result of a SARS CoV2 infection. This suggests that an additional 3,000 deaths during this period may be indirectly attributable to the pandemic.”

This is the second inconvenient truth. Thousands of people are dying from fear p*rn. Missed medical treatments, lack of fresh air, exploding obesity (gyms closed), alcoholism, loneliness, drug overdoses, and suicides. The total excess death count is the ONLY reliable statistic of what is really going on, because it’s the only number that can’t be fudged.

This isn’t a game. This is murder.

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