More than a quarter of young adults have “seriously contemplated” suicide during corona

This story was just published today, but the survey is from June. Imagine how much worse it is now.

Depression rates four times higher than 2019.

The fear porn will kill more people than the virus.

New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention paints a bleak picture of America’s mental health amid the coronavirus pandemic, with one in four young adults saying they have considered suicide.

A survey taken between June 24-30 shows 25.5% of respondents aged 18-24 years had “seriously considered” suicide in the month before they were surveyed.

The CDC study, which involved more than 5,400 U.S. adults, also found an increase of anxiety and depression symptoms, as well as substance use.

Roughly 31% percent of respondents said they had symptoms of anxiety or depression. Specifically, the prevalence of anxiety disorder symptoms was three times higher than what was reported in 2019, and depressive disorder was approximately four times higher, the data revealed.

About 26% of respondents reported trauma and stress-related disorder because of the pandemic. Another 13% said they had started or increased substance use — including alcohol, prescription or illicit drugs — to cope with stress or emotions related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

3 thoughts on “More than a quarter of young adults have “seriously contemplated” suicide during corona”

  1. I’ve brought up casualties of the VirusRegime (not the virus itself) to a nurse. Her reply was “oh you’re one of those,” “people are still dying,” and “don’t bash what’s happening when you’re sitting at home not fighting against it.”

    If you’re not a COVID death you don’t matter. THIS IS A NURSE TELLING ME THIS.

  2. Yes, more and more evidence that the handling of virus mitigation was and is counterproductive.

    My suggestion offered here, and previously in blog commentary, was to do basically nothing, i.e., what we always do with a serious flu, stay home if sick. No lockdowns, masks or social distancing. All resulting virus deaths to be taken as collateral damage to keeping our economic system going and speed up the process of herd immunity.

    Of course such a suggestion was received anti-Christian, pure callous brutality. Nonetheless, the long term economic and psychological fallout effecting 10’s of million of people will IMO be much worse of which the above article is one example.

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