“Danielle” the bluecheckmark Karenite is super mad

You must go read the whole thread. It’s pure gold.

“Danielle” is sort of a big deal.

“Danielle” has 84,000 twitter followers.

4 thoughts on ““Danielle” the bluecheckmark Karenite is super mad”

  1. Nice ruby slippers “ Danielle.” Where’s a good tornado and a house from Kansas when you need them.

  2. If Daniel believes he has the right to identify as something which the rest of us clearly, objectively and truthfully can see he is not, what would he say to someone who identifies as wearing a mask?

  3. federal law nor state law does not require a mask for those persons who claim a mask inhibits their breathing or creates any other debilitating medical condition. also, the person does not need to substantiate the medical condition in any way. the persons word alone matters. 

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