Hard labor for mask noncompliance

Immodesty alert in the video below. Don’t scroll down if you struggle in this area.


If you click over and view it on twitter, take a look at the replies. People are full on cheering for this, publicly. Imagine what they want to do to you privately.

This is coming to a city near you.


2 thoughts on “Hard labor for mask noncompliance”

  1. about masks… after just a few minutes of re-breathing my own carbon dioxide… I begin to get very very short of breath, my oxygen saturation level drops into the 80’s and I become very dizzy. If left on longer I simply cannot breath and hastily pull off the mask. Only to refit the mask and then repeat this stupidity all over again. I think this happens to millions of others as well. Im a Vietnam Veteran with COPD and Agent Orange in respiratory system and elsewhere. I suppose Im now being punished for sustaining service related sicknesses after serving my Country?

  2. Okay! Now THIS story out of Canada is absolutely delicious! Broadcast it everywhere, and start looking into your own politicos too!

    This cretin, who has a long history of BS, banned citizens from using hockey rinks and forced mask compliance on everyone. Then he and his buddies use the hockey rinks privately when nobody’s looking. No masks needed, of course!

    Caught Lying: Brampton Ontario Mayor Patrick Brown Breaks His Own Pandemic Rules

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