Professor Enrico Maria Radaelli endorses the Mazza Thesis

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Professor Enrico Maria Radaelli is the top living disciple of Romano Amerio, the great theologian who wrote the seminal critique of Vatican II and its devastating aftermath, “Iota Unum“. Prof. Radaelli sent the following letter to Dr. Mazza. This translation has been approved for publication. We all look forward to Prof. Radaelli’s forthcoming publications on the invalid resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, and share in Prof. Radaelli’s admiration and praise of Dr. Mazza’s work.

Dear Prof. Mazza,

I congratulate you for the dexterity with which you have composed your argument, and, if I may, I have jotted down here and there some short notes to make your text radiate in perfect truth, as it deserves.

What should be appreciated more than anything else is your intuition to focus on canon 188 (which is much more decisive and germane than 332 § 2), and was totally violated by the Renunciation, because: 1) 188 strikes at the root of the heretical act; 2), it strikes a decisive blow to the act in its substance.

Secondly, your attempt, which was completely successful, to expose the formal status of The “Emeritus”, under the linguistic cloak of which the Subject has attempted to hide himself, must be appreciated. It is the decisive issue, and I congratulate you.

May everyone soon greatly appreciate your arguments, which will help bring the Church back to the riverbed of logical truth in which she should always reside in holiness.

Professor Enrico Maria Radaelli

International Science and Commonsense Association (ISCA)

Department of Metaphysics of Beauty and Philosophy of Arts,

Research Director and Professor of Formal Gnoseology

5 thoughts on “Professor Enrico Maria Radaelli endorses the Mazza Thesis”

  1. ok, don’t get me wrong; you know I’m FULLY on board the BiP express, but I’ve just gotta ask (and I’m really not trying to be a wise-ass here)….does the good Dr’s CV look kinda…..funny?…literally?
    International Science and COMMONSENSE Assoc. (??)
    Metaphysics of Beauty and Philosophy of Arts (??)
    Director of Formal Gnoseology (???)

    Are these even ‘things’?….seriously, just really wonderin’. I know he’s a whoooooole lot smarter than I, and has done a whoooooooole lot more stuff than I, but, International COMMONSENSE Assoc.?
    Bet it’s got like 3 members….not a whole lot in THIS world would pass the final. 🙁

  2. ‘Normas Nonnullas’ [motu proprio by B16, Feb. 22, 2013] nulls Dr. Mazza’s concept.

    The crime committed by Benedict XVI is to create the impression that there are two popes: he broke the visible head of the Church into two chunks in a perfectly visible manner. Jorge the Apostate actively supports this fiction as it is a killing blow to the Roman papacy. The college of cardinals, actively or passively, also participates in this masquerade.
    This hoax is reflected in the 3rd Secret of Fatima:>>We had the impression that this was the Holy Father<<, but in fact it was a Bishop in White – this is the real status of the ex-Pope B16 after Feb 28, 2013.

    1. Myron you miss it….bergoglio is the one spoken about as the bishop in white who gives the ‘impression’ that he’s the Holy Father.

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