Up to 650K people die from the boring seasonal flu every year, but now we want face shields

The worldwide (greatly inflated) death count for corona just passed 650K.

For perspective, the WHO reminds you that it is not unusual for the normal, regular, seasonal flu to do the same, without having to destroy the lives of everyone in the world.

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Link HERE.

Never, in any flu year, have masks ever been discussed. But now, Fraudci is floating goggles as the next step HERE.

Not to be outdone, the wicked witch of the scarf goes for full face shields. Because “you can decorate them,” you know.


7 thoughts on “Up to 650K people die from the boring seasonal flu every year, but now we want face shields”

  1. Laugh. Laugh hard at these butt holes…

    Stop the $600 weekly stimulous for the unemployed/under-employed and maybe a few more will wake the hell up.

  2. The virus hoax getting crazier by the day. I love the goggle idea as insanity maximization. Hopefully, it would help more folks to see the foolishness of following the government suggestions.

    My position is simple on the Virus. Sick folks stay home. Everyone else goes to work or about their normal business. All deaths to be considered collateral damage to keep the economy going. We are in a war. In a war there are always casualties.

  3. 1968-69 Hong Kong flu killed at least 1 million worldwide, and maybe as many as 4 million.

    World population now is 2.2 times that of 1968.

    So to have a comparable impact, COVID-19 would have to kill about 2.2 to 8.8 million people today.

    Doesn’t seem very likely, given that all-cause death curves worldwide have declined or are rapidly declining to the normal seasonal ranges in each population considered.


  4. “I’ve gotten to see a lot of exciting facemasks out there.”

    I’ve never facepalmed so hard in my life.

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