Philly officially murders restaurants for the entire summer… Wait until you see the data

And yes, they are murderers. Suicides and overdoses abounding, not to mention soaring cases of domestic abuse. Children affected more than most. MURDERERS.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Philadelphia health officials said Tuesday they have postponed the start of indoor dining in the city to no earlier than September 1. The previous date was August 1. HERE

The news comes as Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley announced 142 additional confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Philadelphia. That brings the number of confirmed cases to 29,945.

The city reported no new deaths on Tuesday, but Farley said the city is in its second wave. (Deaths are at Zero, positive tests are below 5%, and hospitalizations are about ten per day… review the charts below and point me to the “second wave.” This is nothing short of the raping of a once great city.)

“We are recommending people not participate in gatherings of any size,” Farely said. “And when you are around your relatives, you should wear a mask.”

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Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 18.37.29

Data current as of 28 July at

One thought on “Philly officially murders restaurants for the entire summer… Wait until you see the data”

  1. Elections have consequences and Philly is a textbook study. For decades, Democrats have been assured victory here because the unions made sure their members voted that way. It didn’t matter how incompetent or crooked the Dems were. Thou shalt not disobey thy union’s orders.

    Over time, the unions and the high taxes to fund the unions caused all the manufacturing jobs to leave, but that was the republicans fault you know.

    Today, Philly is said to be the poorest big city in America. I’m not sure how it can be poorer than Detroit but it’s definitely up there. The vast northeast section of the city within 10 years shifted from working/middle class to low income.

    While there has been some “gentrification” in former gritty sections of the city, the gentrifiers were pretty much all “progressive” younger folks that are basically atheist/agnostic. Rather than vote for the old school democrat hacks, they’ve elected outright socialists.

    And now we have the mess that we have. Socialists/progressives (they’re the same thing) running a city alongside perpetual victims. None of them understanding the first thing about economics nor caring to. “It’s all someone else’s fault,” is the mindset. “Shut up and pay your taxes and font question us.”

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