Lying Jerry Nadler says antifa riots in Portland for 59 straight nights are “a myth”


7 thoughts on “Lying Jerry Nadler says antifa riots in Portland for 59 straight nights are “a myth””

  1. Thank you for documenting the truth.

    I have a relative in the Seattle area. The residents are mighty weary of the riots. It is beginning to sink in with the elected Dems, I think.

  2. All I know is that on the evening of July 18 and morning of July 25 the protesters stayed out of the I-5 freeway.

  3. I look at the last photo and see a hammer and sickle, tools of honest workmen co-opted by the enemy of all honestly productive people: the communists. It occurs to me that if you handed either one of those devices to any of the nitiwits who defaced with those emblems the building someone else created, they might use them to kill you but the last thing they would ever do with them is to actually work, create, produce something of value, of utility, or beauty. These are spoiled, ignorant, malicious children who don’t want the mythical “workmen’s paradise” because they are anything but workmen. They want everything given to them without them having to lift a finger. They want the equally mythical endless supply of free stuff. They, like their forebears, swallow the empty promises and lies of leftist demagogues everywhere. They are exactly what they have been raised to be: worldly, materialist, Godless. History repeats. The errors of Russia continue to spread and fester.

    1. Next to that is what looks like either a poorly drawn smiley face or the symbol used against/by middle eastern Christians in islamic countries.

  4. I get that the feds have every right to protect federal property. But part of me wants to let those who sowed reap what they have sown.

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