Arizona Update: Corona going down like Frazier

Screenshot 2020-07-25 at 14.19.29

The tests are going down because no one is sick, so no one is getting tested. You can’t even count fake false positives if people don’t want to be tested. The tests are free, and do not require identification. Yet the testing sites are empty.

The red graph in the middle combines positives from PCR tests with serology (antibody) positives. So if you had corona and already recovered, you get counted in that chart anyway. It’s a total joke. But it’s crashing nonetheless.

The blue graph on the right is also about to crash. Here are the hospital discharges per day:

Screenshot 2020-07-25 at 14.24.40

Here are the breakouts. Of 160K total cases, nearly 100K are young people, and almost none of them are sick.

Screenshot 2020-07-25 at 14.30.14

So who are the ones dying? The elderly and those already sick.

Screenshot 2020-07-25 at 14.30.52

For perspective, our total population is 8MM.

But I am sure all you hear about Arizona is that we are a cesspool of corona.


2 thoughts on “Arizona Update: Corona going down like Frazier”

  1. Same with Texas.

    The propaganda is legion. If you live outside Texas you would think we were dropping like flies. In fact, I just attended an event yesterday and not one person was masked.

    Life is proceeding as normal everywhere except at the stores where the masks are mandated. Even the medical community is getting sick of the farce. They are losing credibility over the myriad lies and outright disinformation being promulgated by government experts.

  2. Here in the eastern most portion of the People’s Republic of Washington….where our dear, virtuous and heroic Governor Inslee just mandated renewed restrictions on bar and restaurant owners….our County (Spokane) is experiencing an EXTREME CRISIS!!!!!!!!

    We have in all of our hospitals in a county of 450,000 some-odd people a total of FIVE, yes, you read that ENORMOUS number correctly – – FIVE – – people in all of our hospitals. The healthcare workers are massively over-stressed and taking this horrible, terrible workload an hour at a time just to make it to the end of their 14-16 hour shifts.

    At least we have Governor Inslee in office. He’ll get us through this crisis. Hope our hospital workers can hang on though. That amount of work can kill a person!!

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